Completely Set Free

by Dee Gautreaux
(Vidor, Texas)

No longer in bondage,

No longer in pain,

No longer in darkness,

No longer in rain.

I'm completely set free,

I'm now fully whole,

I'm warm in God's light,

I'm His' eternal soul.

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Mar 11, 2013
To Kate
by: Dee

My son Chris accepted Jesus when he was a young child. Someone made the comment to his daughters that maybe he didn't make it into heaven, because of his addiction. I quickly corrected that self-righteous comment with my crying grand-daughters and let them know that whoever made that comment to them (at that time) had a very mean spirit.He was in bondage to the drugs. "The drug abuse killed him. It didn't send him to Hell."
I know how you feel. Nothing hurts like a child dying before a mother. I never got to see my son after he died, so closure is difficult. I did have to read the eight page autopsy results of how my son was dissected like an experimental lab animal. I now know why they wouldn't allow me to see him. No mother would want to see her child like that. I will remember his smile and his laugh.
Kate, I'm going to try to put the pic I took of the clouds on the way to bury him. I hope it brings you some comfort,it did me. Sincerely, Dee

Mar 10, 2013
Your son
by: Kate

Dee,your poem I felt ~ for my son,who left earth Nov. 2012.
His was accidental death,alcohol and cocaine. They cause together a third drug. (Cocaexthylene) that can stop the heart.
Not always does it but it is toxic together and can. It did for my son.
Very heartbreaking,he was 39 . I never thought I'd be writing on a blog like this. I knew the poem was about your son. It is for him. My sons soul is set free to fly. As much as I miss him
He has no more pain. Thank your for your beautiful poem.
In the grief walk there are so many emotions!

Nov 28, 2012
How did you get there?
by: Dee

You can feel your heart, because you said it was empty. It feels empty, because of the big part of it that your husband filled. With him gone you feel a big void, but he is still in that big place in your heart. He's still there. If you couldn't feel your heart, you wouldn't be hurting so bad. That is a normal feeling that comes with your loss. You miss him. You will miss him and it is ok to miss him. I was also widowed in 2004 and do understand.
This poem was about my child that died of a drug addiction. I have that empty feeling in my heart also. On the way to bury my child, I saw an image in the clouds that some say looked like an angel or some saw God's open arms receiving my son and that is the reason that I feel he is Completely Set Free. I took pictures of the image and show it every chance I get. I miss my son Chris. I always will.

Nov 28, 2012
Completely Set Free
by: Cindy

My husband passed away 09/19/2012. God is watching over your heart as He is watching over mine. My heart feels as if it has stop beating. I feel so a lone inside. I know God has answered many prayers some full of tears and anger. Yet He is holding my heart tell it heals. He will teach us to love again and accpect love.
Blessings Cindy

Nov 27, 2012
How did you get there?
by: Lynda, Oregon

It has been 10 months since I lost my husband to cancer. I cling and pray. He faithfully answers my prayers except one. Take this empty feeling from me, I cannot feel my heart. Makes me doubt my abilitly to really love. I am scared.

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