Confused and lonely

I have been with my boyfriend for coming up to 5 yrs, about 2 yrs ago we went through alot he cheated on me , his family was trying to break us up and the fact that he lives in another state had taken its toll and we ended up both cheating. Now its been almost 2 yrs since that i decided after about 6 months of being apart i would give him another chance. 5 days ago i find out he cheated on me a few weeks after we got back together and the girl ended up getting pregnant and now has a 8 month old son to him. At the moment his family is trying to get him to do a dna test, he wont do it and wants nothing to do with the other girl or the baby he didnt even know that she was pregnant until his mother told him the other girl had a baby. This has all been so overwhelming as i cant get pregnant and all i have wanted is to be able to give him a child, we were also planning on getting married and moving in together. My life feels completely destroyed. I am trying to find the courage to leave the relationship which i know has no future at all, if anyone has been through something similar could you please give me some advice. I Have loved this man for 5 years and was planning on spending the rest of my life with him and now i need to some how let him go.

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Aug 29, 2011
Become Clear In Thinking
by: Anonymous

PLEASE , just get out of it and never look back... you must find your self respect again and refuse to believe this was good for you. He will never change and he will never respect you, himself or any other woman.
Get your clear thinking head on and do what you would tell a friend if she were telling you the same story. Hopefully you would tell her to leave and never talk to the guy again. HE is bad news.

It's better to be lonely than to be abused emotionally and disrespected by any guy.

Real Love is not what you had or have. Real love respects one another and encourages the best in one another. Real love does not defile a woman and make her pregnant and them leave her and the child. What kind of woman would want a guy like that? Answer: a no self respect , low standard woman.

Please refuse to ever become involved with a guy until you know all about him .

I know of what I speak. I was involved with a guy for a long time who, no matter how much I loved him, he was abusive to me verbally and emotionally. I learned to fight back and stand up to his bullying and cowardice.

It's all so sad now as I am grieving his death after 30 years and looking back I should have never gone back to him and remarried him after a breakup, thinking he would change.

I'm going to do what I'm telling you and love myself and will probably be alone and lonely for a long time to reflect and learn from my 30 year mistake.
I prefer to be lonely by myself than in a marriage even lonelier.

Don't let a 30 year lonely life happen to you.

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