Could have been different

by Joanna

Send to: Heaven
For: My Dad
From: You’re Baby

Taken to soon from us, to sudden and unexpected,
We weren’t ready, our Goodbyes and Sorry’s, weren’t reflected
All I have now is the memories of us,
Only Twenty-Four years, that wasn’t enough
I want you to know, I remember the good and the bad
But all flustered in my mind now, is the haziness of sad
For the past few years, I know you’ve been sick
But it makes me mad that you could have been “fixed”
We all wanted you to be healthy, and everyone had told you
And all I have now is the guilt, because I wish I did better to show you
But Dad I was scared, I tried to stay numb while staying away
Because I knew you weren’t my Dad that I grew up with everyday
There was a stranger in your body as the sickness slowly took you and your mind,
And when I looked into your eyes, I searched for my Dad, anything of you that I could find
It’s over now, you’re not suffering and pain free too
You’re at peace, with your other loved ones right beside you
But I guess I’m selfish, because I wish you were here
I wish the pain and emptiness I feel now, would just disappear
Time will move forward, and our lives will keep going
But it will never be the same without you watching your Grandkids growing
So I’m asking you Dad please watch over us and always stay by our side, until we meet again at the Heaven gates, I hope you are the one that will be my guide. I love you Dad.

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Jul 12, 2014
Could have been different
by: Doreen UK

Joanna I am so sorry for your loss of your Dad and also your brother Robby. How sad to lose two family members so close together.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. to a deadly cancer 2yrs. ago. His cancer was terminal. Robbed of his retirement he worked so hard for, and also for not getting the chance to see his 2 grandchildren grow up. He only saw them as babies.
It is not selfish to want your father to still be alive and in your life, or to see his grandchildren grow up. This thought is becoming more and more a distant memory. Father's are dying at even younger ages and families are becoming more fractured as they lose their loved ones. I never thought I would lose my husband even though this is happening all the time. WE all do live our lives as if we have this forever. But many are not fortunate. Life will never be the same again for any of us. All we can do is to believe in God and have a Hope of eternal life where we will see our loved one's again.

Jul 12, 2014
Could have been different
by: Jane

Dear Joanna, be sure, you are not selfish, You just love your Dad so much. There is love, there will be pain. It belongs together. Your heart is missing your Dad. He would be the one who could comfort you now, but he is gone. I am sure Joanna, that your Dad is guiding you, he can hear you, he can see you, and he loves you. Only his body has gone, his packing up. The present inside (his Soul) is still alive. He is an angel on your sind now. And your great love binds you together for ever. Dear Joanna, I am sure, that God has forgiven Robby, because God is love. Only Love. And God can look in all our hearts and unterstand us better than anybody else. We as human beings can only see and hear what people are doing and saying, and sometimes we can look a little bit into their hearts. But God can look in the deepest place into it. He knows all thaughts and all sorrows. God takes care now of your Dad and your brother. They are together now and taking care of you.God is holding his loving hands over you and give you peace in your heart. And than the tears are comeing and your grief gets pretty worse, God will be on your side. He is never leaving you alone. And your Dad and your brother standing right beside you like angels. May God bless you and comfort you. Feel your self hug from me. Much love.

Jul 10, 2014
by: Joanna

My brother passed away two months after I wrote this poem. I know my dad and brother are together. I miss you both so much. I constantly think about the two of you and how you can just leave the family the way you both did, especially my brother, Robby who overdosed. Why? You make your choices in life and that's exactly how you made if...even if it looks impossible to fix, you can still turn your life around. Too late now. So I ask you lord, please take care of my dad and brother. They have made mistakes but I beg you to forgive them and accept them into your glory. I love you dad and Robby.

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