Couldnt of asked for a better dad than you.

I was always his little girl, it was him and i and my mom and my brother. When i was 13 my parents divorced because my mother was abuse and my dad wanted to take me and my brother out of this situation. the 3 of us then moved away, my mom however kept fighting us in court making it hard for us. The week my dad got full custody of us he also got a new job and found a really nice girl, it was the happiest i had seen him in ages. I went to a concert on friday night with my friend so i didnt answer his calls as i did not hear my phone ring. When i got back to my friends house i then sent him a quick whatsapp asking how his evening was and that i loved him. The next morning i was going to have a BBQ at my friends house so i was just completing my maths home work before starting the BBQ. as i was laying on the floor doing my work the phone rang. It was my brothers caller ID however it wasnt him on the other end of the phone, the person on the other end said that i needed to drop everything immediately and had to get home right now then hung up. Panicked i kept calling my brother but no answer. I rushed home, took about 30 minutes and as soon as i was in my street i could see the ambulances and police cars and i just knew. i got out of the car and a family friend came out said im so sorry Monica, they found him in the pool. I rushed in to go and see but the police held me back and said that is was off bounds. As i was only 16 i had to go back and live with my mother but thankfully she put me in a boarding school. Not a day goes by where i dont think of him, i just wish he could still be here and text me and call me and hug me and cuddle me.. I truly believe that there is no love like the love of a father to his daughter.. I hope im making you proud papa.. I love you.

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May 07, 2014
Couldn't of asked for a better dad than you.
by: Doreen UK

What a sad loss from your young life. To lose your dad to a sudden death. This is one of the worst fearful moments. hearing that your loved one has died. You just can't take it in for some time. It feels unreal and unbelievable. WE think our parents are going to be around forever. We can't contemplate losing them. Stay close to your siblings this is how you will all support each other and heal from your loss.
I am so sorry that you don't have a mother in your life who you need nurturing from. Perhaps you may find a mentor within your extended family who can take you under their wings and be a good mentor to you so you continue to develop in a way your father would have had input in your life.
I am sorry for your loss.

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