Courage and Strength

by Kearin Lee
(Skye Victoria Australia)

My mum passed away on the 27th September 2012, due to a congenital heart condition. She wasn't meant to have any children but ended up having a set of twins and 2 others all girls.

My mum had a sad life not much seemed to go her way, but she was incredibly strong and determined. Through her sickness especially the last couple of years she became quite understandably depressed as she could'nt do all the things she wanted too and was practically bedridden, a heart transplant was her only option. Part of the workup had been done but she still had a few more tests to see if she would be a suitable candidate. Unfortunately time ran out and she was taken at 68 years of age. The loss is devestating, she was an amazing woman who always had time to listen to anyone always put everyone else first. I only hope that we can be at least half the person she was. I miss her so much my children now have no grandparents as my dad has passed as well. And the feeling of having no parents myself is very scary, I feel like there is no one looking out for me anymore. An orphan it doesn't feel right and I hope this feeling will pass.

Thanks for listening.

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Oct 27, 2012
It's like nothing I've ever experienced before
by: Annee

I'm in your place. I lost my beautiful mama August 1st, 2012. I cared for her in her new home which we found right behind my home with the help of home hospice. It was 5 months, working and flexing my time, round the clock care, and round the clock slowly watching her slip away from me. In my world, I was blessed to be with her, exhausted, shocked and very sad. Sad for all the things she didn't get or have. Sad for the time I wanted her to have to enjoy more life and living. We had one foot in the here ever after and the other firmly planted in the "here and now". I walked that walk with her, but couldn't go where she did in her own mind. Having had breast cancer two years ago, I learned all about the here and now, battling stage 4 breast cancer I celebrate each minute, moment and memory. Mama didn't have a great life either and then she had a great life also, a full life I suppose. She was married to a jerk for 32 years but divorced him just months before she passed. The amazing gift I had with her was a roller coaster ride with no thrills. My sister and I called her cat woman, she had multiple lives during this time because she was the happiest she had been in years she held on to every last ounce of life. Looking back at all the blessings that were bestowed upon us, the hospice workers, her divorce lawyer (he just loved mom) and thought she was beautiful, her friends and family members (mom inspired them all) divorcing a jerk of a man after 32 years at the age of 72. Our motto was, it's never too late to live happily ever after. She made that true. It seemed just as the last bit of paperwork came through with her ex-married name off her life documents, she passed. She celebrated, never wimpered, never wined, never complained, she was a maxine joker full of life and love until her last breath. There is nothing, nothing like losing your mom. Nothing. I feel her all around me and see more of her in me now then ever before. I thought I was the strongest person I ever knew, but losing her was unlike anything. It's a deep soul wound, it's umbilical. I reminise her life, her loves and her world. What an amazing and beautiful woman she was. She dated millionaires, NASA engineers, heads of the State, top of the line Lawyers and all treated her like a princess. she even dated Buck Owens, from HeeHaw prior to this drunken fool. I don't even know yet how profoundly this has affected me. I'm floating! I miss her every single day, I feel her all around me but I can't quite comprehend "where she is" that beautiful lovely and loving soul! In gods hands safe and sound, happy and pain free? I pray! God Bless you in your journey!

Oct 25, 2012
Courage and Strength
by: Doreen UK

Kearin I am sorry for your loss of you mom. It is as you say SCARY when you lose your parents and you feel insecure. I think these feelings come with grief and loss and should work themselves out in time. I don't think they should last forever. It is sad when the children lose their grandparents. I never knew mine. they lived in another country. They are all dead now. I will never know of the benefits of having loving grandparents, and to have their input in my life.
You will have these good memories.
On the Sonlife Broadcasting Channel at the moment is a song that brings comfort.
"GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU." Let this be the comfort for everyone on this grief site.

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