Courageous..... ~AmyMcMullen

by AmyMcMullen
(Madison, Alabama)

Talking to reporter on waay 31 about Courageous Photography

Talking to reporter on waay 31 about Courageous Photography

Talking to reporter on waay 31 about Courageous Photography
our daughter Ashley on left, me in middle, and our daughter Cayla on right

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8 years ago today, July 5th, 2004, my husband of 10 years lost his battle with alcholism. We were highschool sweethearts, i met him in September of my freshman year at Sparkman High School. I was 14 and he was 16 years old. We got married right after i graduated my senior year, I was 18 , he was 20. David, joined the Airforce and we were stationed in New Jersey at McGuire Air Force Base for the entire 10 years he was enlisted. I was a proud mom of two daughters we had together and a proud Air Force wife. My husband took a job at the Huntsville International Airport in our home town of Hunstville, Alabama after serving 10 years , David had Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, he suffered from alcholism once he got out of the service, He would always drink in his car , and i was always there to find him and pull him out and take care of him, The day after the fourth of july in 2004, i recieved a phone call from my husband, i could tell right away by the slur in his voice he was very intoxicated, this call was at 12pm, I tried to find out from him where he was so i could come get him, he could barely talk and i could here gravel that he was walking on, I also heard him shut his car door, after about 5 mins of trying to talk to him, he hung up his phone, I tried several times to call him back. Had i known that was going to be the last time i ever heard his voice I would have put out a huge search for him, but now i know that was impossible to know at the time. I was with my parents at there house with our two little girls, Cayla was 8 years old, and Ashley was 5 years old, when two investigators knocked on the door around 10 30 at night, I was told my husband had died , that he had passed out from drinking too much Vodka in his car and that he had sufficated from the windows being rolled up . He had driven over to his mothers home and was found in her drive way inside his car. His moms home was only ten mins from my parents home. To say the least my knees gave out and my heart wanted to stop beating as i could hear my little girls behind me in my parents living room wanting to come out side , Death, is apart of Life, we cant run from this, and we are not given a "guide to life " book when we are all born, had i known i would be a widow with two little girls at 28, i would still love him and marry him all over again, I am living my life for him and our children now, its taken 8 years to get to where i am in my life, but i do have HOPE for others, I have reached out through my photography that i do also, If anyone wants to read about me or see my photography this is my site, I have a special session called "Courageous Photography" for terminally ill loved ones who are going to pass away , these photographs are to give to the families left behind to share with children they may have shared together, or if no children, to give to family members to always have to celebrate there life! Im glad i came across this site, i havent written out what happened to my little family or shared outside of my family what happened. I hope this will give anyone who reads this Hope for there future, Sincerely Amy Mc

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Jul 08, 2012
For my amazing sister!
by: Amy B

I love you Amy ! I feel blessed to be a part of this experience with you,you are more than just my friend, you and your girls have become part of my family! you told your story on here beautifully and I am so proud of everything you have accomplished.

Jul 07, 2012
Courageous.....Amy McMullen
by: Doreen England

Dear Amy McMullen
I am sorry for your loss of your precious husband. What a beautifull stunning family you are. I am sorry that you are a widow at such a young age. You have a beautiful positive attitude. Thank you for sharing. I feel Blessed by reading your post. May life improve for you and that you will be Blessed throughout life.

Jul 06, 2012
Thank You
by: Rose

You touched my heart. Please email me at
thank you-
my angels thank you, too!

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