Dad Died When I was 12

by Anne P
(Florida, USA)

On August 3, 2010, I lost my best friend. The man I looked up to, admired, and loved dearly. My dad had a light that was a gift to be around. Everyone that knew my dad knew of his unconditional love and his compassion for other people's circumstances, character, and life.

My dad was the person I would ask all my questions to. I would sit in the backseat of his car and ask him questions about stocks, gas, politics, and anything else on my mind. (Keep in mind I was an advanced kid.) He always always always had the answer to any question I had. I loved that. I would call him almost everyday after I got home from school and even if he was on the line with the Queen of England, he would answer my phone call. I was a priority and I felt loved by him. No one has treated me quite like my dad did.

He was diagnosed with complex glomerulosclerosis (kidney disease) when he was 21. At the point of diagnosis, they knew everything would be okay for many years as long as he ate right and exercised as he did daily. He was a runner and very careful with what he ate. He was in mint condition (minus the kidneys). Everything was well until 2006 when both of his kidneys began to fail. Both kidneys were running on 8% and the future did not look promising. My uncle was a perfect match to give a transplant, so he did. The transplant went amazing and everything was doing so well. My uncle is still doing well today with one kidney.

For 6 years, my Uncle's kidney gave my dad years that I wouldn't be able to thank him for enough. He lived those 6 years with all his heart and with everything he had.

In December of 2009, my dad was shaving and he saw that there was a small bump on his neck. He thought it was odd, but it was not super alarming. He went about his days in that week like any other and soon realized that this bump was becoming an issue. It grew and grew. He went to the doctor and he found out there was cancer in his lymph nodes. It was caught early on and was not a huge deal. He did chemo and radiation at Emory Hospital. The hospital did pet scans and everything was clear. Everything was gone. Life was stress-free and everything had fallen into place.

Not long after that carefree lifestyle had set in, my dad went into the office for a checkup and the cancer was lit up like a christmas tree. There was cancer everywhere. His lungs, his brain, and anywhere else you could imagine it. They continued chemo ,but his kidney suppressants (that tell his body not to reject the kidney) went against all cancer treatment. The two things that he needed to keep him alive were not working hand in hand.

His sweetness and loving nature never faded with the toxins that were controlling his body. His funeral was so highly populated, the church was full and the dining hall and other chapel had to have a speaker of the service played throughout it so others could be an attendant to this awesome man's legacy.

I could go on and on about the joy my dad brought in my life and the struggle after ,but it is just like every other. I loved having my daddy around and it will hurt like hell when he won't be there to walk me down the aisle, see my grandkids or even be at my graduation (currently 16 years old).

It will be okay for everyone that has lost a parent. I promise you. It sucks for a while ,but the clouds go away and things clear up. This is temporary. Life is full and filled with all the people I love and I cannot wait till I see him again in heaven someday.

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Jun 18, 2014
Dad Died When I was 12
by: Doreen UK

Anne I am so sorry for your loss of your Dad. You sure had a super Dad and he nurtured you well. You have grown with such MATURITY. You accept his death as a part of life and yet you HONOUR the man who was your Special Dad. You are so young but yet so Mature to know that you will get through the rest of your life and you will see your father again in Heaven.
Your Dad as you describe was such a man that his presence would not be extinguished even by death. His presence would radiate forever. There are many people who will feel very Blessed by your post and your calmness that had a presence of Peace in the midst of sorrow and grief. The Bible does tell us to Sorrow, but not as if you did not have HOPE. It is this HOPE that is going to get us all through the very difficult days of grief.
May God watch over you, and Bless your life with Goodness, Peace, and Comfort.

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