Dad died

What happened? Where did he go? These aren't really questions...or if they are they really aren't asking for an answer because the answers are irrelevant to how I feel. "Knowing" is not what I need; I need accepting because knowing changes not one thing. Accepting they say does help.

Anyway, I came here because my mom wanted me to research the seven stages of grief. I'll print them out, but if she's looking for a road map it won't really help. She and I like to know where we're going. The difference is I have spent the past 20 years learning how to cope with NOT knowing where you're going. No one could tell me a road map wasn't what I wanted; mom won't be able to listen either. So, I'll print the seven stages and maybe it will give her just enough help that she can work out the rest of it.

Funny how losing Dad means talking about Mom. But, then, Dad liked talking about Mom..."Hey there, cutie! Fifty-five years with this little lady...did you know that...she's a nurse you know!" Pride and love...that's how others experienced my Dad's feelings for Mom. So, he'd be talking about Mom now, too.

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Jan 24, 2010
Our dads
by: Stephanie

Thanks- I am struggling with the idea of keeping my dad's memory alive. Right now his stuff and my thoughts are overwhelmed with him and I find comfort with this.

But I know that happened when my mom died, too, and then slowly faded. I want to keep his memory going for many years to come for me and my kids
but I don't have any ideas. That scares me; to
know that maybe in 6 years, little physical or daily comments will be made.

Thanks for responding - it is helpful to know someone who is dealing with a similar loss of such strong men.

Aug 17, 2009
our dads
by: Laura

I know how you feel and i can say that cause i lost my dad. i cant say i know exactly cause everyone grieves differently, well anyway i came to say that it will be hard for a little while but you will get through. i know what you mean by losing a dad leads you to talking about mom that's how i felt and i just want you to know that if you need anything, i am here and i will check this alot so if you need anything you can leave comments.

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