Dad, My Rock, My Eagle...

by Kama
(Phoenix, AZ)

Daddy. What can I say? I miss you, I miss your strength, the way you had of letting me bury my head on your chest so I could listen to you laugh when I was troubled. I know if you could laugh at it, then it wasn't too bad.

I was your girl, I know that. I know you were as proud of me as with any boy. You taught me to fish, hammer a nail, do odd jobs around the house.
You were always there to listen to my troubles. I have to say I worshiped the ground you walked on.
You showed me how much love a father could have for his daughter. You showed me and my daughter what a good strong, godly man should be.

It is hard for me to believe you and mom are gone. I miss you all terribly.

But at least now I know you and mom are together, and you are back to being the strong, capable man you always were. I know you hated that wheelchair and being in the nursing home.

It hurt me to see you there. I only wish I had spent more time with you, was so hard for me to get there. I remember how you and mom would really do up Christmas for me. I remember how you flew all the way from Illinois to California, just for my high school graduation, when I was so upset thinking you would not be there.

Dad, you were my rock, my foundation, you would always look up the answers to any questions I had in the Bible. Well that has paid off, I have a strong faith because of that. You never looked down on me for my past. You were still proud of me.

Daddy, I miss you, I still want to crawl on your lap and tell you my troubles. I can sometimes still see you looking over your glasses at me and telling me "don't worry about your old dad, you hear?"

I miss your sense of humor, you loved to make me laugh, remember how you taught me to put creepy crawlers under mom's pillow to scare her? LOL
I miss your leadership, you were definitely the head of our house. You taught Bible studies, Sunday school classes. I was always so proud of you and mom, everyone loved you, and I was privileged to be your daughter.

Well, I try to go on and make you and mom proud of me still. I have an awesome heritage to live up to.

I love you, Dad, you and mom are forever in my heart, Kama

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