Dad spending more time with his girlfriend than his children

by Ilana

My mother passed away a year and a half ago and three months after she died, my dad started to date a woman he met online that he is still dating.

The problem is that every time my brother and I call him to see how he's doing, he's with his girlfriend. Every weekend he spends at her house. I called my dad the other day to see how he was doing and we had like a five minute conversation before he made some excuse he had to go.

I don't understand why he is putting his new girlfriend before us. Is this unusual?

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Nov 27, 2012
Sorry Dad
by: Anonymous

My daugthers father left and went to be with another woman and her 3 kids..Now take is she's the only child he has. He tells me the new girlfriend is the best,,He does not talk to his daugther,,never bought her anything,,But he can take his new girlfriend out to lunch. My daugther asked could we all me for diner he tells me why you need to be like she asked me,,u told him your right, I hate i met your sorry butt,,dont worry i will never contact you again,,,,

Nov 08, 2011
dad more time then kids
by: Anonymous

have u any clue how much he misses his partner even if he was ready to deal, let him have A FULL LIFE HE GAVE WHAT HE HAD TO UR MOM and now just let him live no judgements unless he just totally loses it and has no idea what is up to i bet he has a best friend who will let him know and if he's missing it let him know but be kind never let someone think that u think that they r stupid or what they fell is stupid it's the way they are we need to love them for who they are not what we think they should be sooooo hard good luck

Sep 14, 2011
my dad got married after 3 months
by: Anonymous

3 Months after my mom died my dad remarried. I tried to be supportive because before my mom died she told us girls that dad could not be alone and needed to find someone after she was gone. She asked us to support him. I did the day of the wedding was horrible I cried and cried. But I knew that my mom wanted my dad to have someone and not be alone. Us kids cannot be there everyday. I think even though I do not like it this is what my mom wanted and I will be nothing but supportive.

Sep 12, 2011
Too Soon
by: Anonymous

My mother did the same thing to us. She had a boyfriend within 6 months after my father died. When she fell and broke her hip her wonderful knight in shining armor left her flat (taking most of her jewelry with him) the creep. A really good friend of mine met a lady on line and moved her into his house three months after his wife died. Now....7 years later he knows he has nothing in common with her but feels stuck. I told him, "What do you expect? You didn't even know her and you didn't grieve for your wife properly.
Three months is too soon to start a new relationship. That is not a relationship based on things in common and love. It will probably not last. I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your dad but can you tell him how you feel? He is being very selfish by not taking his children's feelings into consideration. He was probably very lonely and his just settling for a relationship out of desperation. He needed something else to focus on but that's not always healthy.
Try to be patient. If the relationship is not a good one it will become evident soon. If it is going to last somehow you will all have to learn to communicate. God bless.

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