My father was a smoker for 20 years though he quit before my sister and I were born. I remember as a child hiding his dip cans, knowing that they were bad. He was always active through work, fishing, hunting, and family activities. He defiantly was a risk taker, dr back flips off our pontoon (no joke at age 50)
My dad was superman. Nothing could stop him..until towards the end of the year start of the next the family noticed his cough that started out as seeming nothing more than a seasonal cold, but when he started going to bed earlier and earlier and the coughing became more excessive he went to the doctor. I remember being in my room hanging up a poster when my mom came in and said "come into the living room" my dad was sat on the couch and on the other was my older sister. Ever so calmly my dad explained that the doctor said he had lung cancer. My heart thumped loudly but I just nodded and went back to my room wanting to pretend like it wasn't real. I continued to try to put the poster up when my dad walked in and asked if I needed help. I excepted but as I stepped down from the step stool the poster tore. I turned away from my father and started crying. Not because of the poster. Because of the fear for my daddy's life. He also knew I wasn't crying because of the poster, he brought me into a big bear hug. And said everything was okay. He fought that battle of cancer for 7 months.

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Jul 26, 2014
your Dad
by: Anonymous----MI

I am sorry that your Dad died and I know this is very painful for you. My adult children know your pain also; their Dad (my husband) died of sudden cardiac arrest. No time to say goodbye; he left our lives so quickly and my kids miss him so much. He was their protector, counselor and wonderful Dad and his leaving us has left a great hole in our hearts. Try to keep your dad's teachings, love and his zest for life in your heart and mind and remember that as we who are believers in Jesus Christ will see our loved ones again in heaven. God Bless and Keep you.

Jul 26, 2014
by: Doreen UK

I am so sorry for your loss of your Daddy. We never outgrow our father's. WE need them around forever. Wish life was like this and no one died. It is so painful not having them in your life anymore. Father's are so very SPECIAL. They nurture us and give us our values for living.
My husband was a smoker but gave it up for over 16yrs. before he was diagnosed with Lung cancer. The Oncologist told us that my husband did not develop his lung cancer from smoking, but from the fibres of ASBESTOS he cut in the workplace as a carpenter. This disease takes between 40-60yrs to develop. My husband's cancer was spot on for 40yrs. when he first cut asbestos as a young man in his 20's. It is an incurable, inoperable, aggressive, terminal cancer. The suffering from this cancer is fierce. I nursed my husband for 3yrs.39days and he died 2yrs. ago. Our 3 Adult children lost their father that day and it is unbelievable that he has gone from their lives and mine. The best way forward is by taking one day at a time. This is the only way to cope.

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