Daddy's Girl is Alone

My dad was the strongest and most loving man that has ever been in my life. He was there the day I was born and everyday of my life to share all the new things that I encountered on my journey into womanhood. My dad was diagonised with stage IV stomach and esophagus cancer in May 2013. He was as surprised as we were. I will never forget that day, I cried before he could come out of the hospital room. I didn't want to show him that I was upset. He used to call me his bodyguard because I was with him everywhere and as small as I am (petite) I always felt like I protected him! (smiling) On August 4, 2013 I celebrated my 33rd birthday and went to the hospital to see him. He could barely speak let alone sing happy birthday to me. But he called me that morning and smiled when I arrived at the hospital. The last card I received from him had his name "dad" scribbled. He could barely write it. I will cherish that always. He passed away on August 6, 2013 after his courages battle. I spent the day massaging his hands and rubbing his chest, praying over him and for him, and just talking him and reassurig him that we would all be fine. He died that night right before my aunt and I walked into his room. I will never forget that. I have never cried so much and felt so much pain. My son was very close to him and telling him the news broke my heart once more. People say that unconditional love is hard to come by. Well, I had it for 33 wonderful years from the most awesome man to walk to this dad!

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Nov 30, 2013
Daddy's Little Girl
by: Anonymous

I just lost my dad on Nov 27, 2013 & even though i am 60 I feel lost. After a stroke 3 1/2 years ago this once very active man was confined to a wheelchair. He often said others were worse off & looked forward to therapy. He was finally able to come home & was able to enjoy 3 great-grandsons though not able to play ball or walk while they rode bicycles & tricycles as he once had. I had many long talks while we enjoyed old movies and I miss those daily talks. i still have my wonderful mother ' we are holding on to each other

Oct 21, 2013
by: Daddy's girl misses him so much

My Daddy went to Heaven when he was 84 on May 17, 2013 and it was the worst pain I've ever felt. He had me late in life so I am only 40. I don't have any children yet and I'm realizing today for the first time that if I live to be an old woman, I will likely have lived the majority of my life without him. And when God gives me children they won't know their Opa except from stories. I may live the majority of my life with the memory of my father instead of with him himself. I feel like he is constantly watching over me but I don't know what to do with all this pain. I miss him so much. He used to say, 'Esther, you know you're my favorite daughter, don't you?' . I am his only daughter. He said that again the day before he died. His whole family surrounded his bed and sang hymns to him and held him as he passed. It was very comforting to him and to us. But I think I might be in the bargaining stage of grief and I struggle with so much pent up anger. If I only could've had just 5 more years, just 10 more years. If I only could've been born earlier so I could've known him longer. If only. I believe the last half of my life is going to be my best half and I think I'm grieving in advance for all the things we are going to miss together. Oh, how I loved my Daddy and love him so much still even though I can't tell him that anymore or give him kisses on his cheeks. I miss you so much, Daddy.

Sep 10, 2013
Daddy's girl is Alone
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your dad to Cancer. I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer 16 months ago. This is such a hard road go down. When you hear that cancer diagnosis it feels as if your world has ended and you can't quite process what is happening. You go into shock and disbelief. Grief is this process we have to go through before we can be healed from our loss.
Loneliness is a very hard part of grief. You get through this grief one day at a time. Then you start to heal. But it is a very slow process. You will one day be able to go on with your life. But each time a trigger takes place all those memories and sadness returns and we find ourselves crying to release this pain and sorrow.
You will in time find yourself Heal from the loss of your Dad. You will find your life again. This is a process you will go through. Many days of crying which is the largest part of grief. But you will survive this.

Sep 10, 2013
Daddy's Girl
by: Jolynn

I am so sorry for your loss but it doesn't sound as if you are alone. It sounds as if the loving you shared with your dear father is with you in a big way and will always be and that you and he will be forever entwined. It's amazing to have had that feeling for your dad. He must have been a very good man. Of course you feel devastated right now. You are feeling a terrible separation anxiety and deep grief. Be gentle with yourself. You have an emotional wound that is debilitating and that will take awhile before you are completely well. It is great that you are reaching out for we know your sorrow. I lost my 26 yr old son 11 months ago. He was my light, my Hero. He was an officer in the Marines. I had PTSD for a few months after he died. I felt extreme anxiety and pain and enormous emptiness, I had screaming night terrors. I couldn't understand how everyone could just go on with their lives when mine just came crashing down. I can say that things do get a bit easier but I have had to work at it. Instead of balling up and isolating, I got out to see friends, went to movies, found a private grief counselor, went to groups, read books, found this site. I really wanted to escape this intense longing and pain. I avoid stressful situations and I don't blame myself for any mistakes . I treat myself with care and affection as much as possible.
Your daddy loved you so much and that was special. What you two had was special. I know you miss him. Maybe he's closer than u think. I sleep with my son's shirt. I write letters to and from him. I talk about him to everyone. I keep a journal for the act of writing helps distress. Take care of yourself.

Sep 10, 2013
So Sorry
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to read about your Dad. My father died suddenly in January, so I fully relate to your pain and grief. I am 47 years old, blessed to have had him in my life for that long, but I was still a Daddy's girl. He got to enjoy his grandchildren, and lived a wonderful life, but he was taken too soon from us. I cry everyday and think about him constantly...I used to see him daily, and there is a huge void in my days now - I feel so alone without him. I try to take things one day at a time...I do what I can, when I can. Take your time - grief is a journey, and we all go about it differently. I hope you read some of the posts here. You are not alone, and there are wonderful, understanding people here who can help you as you begin to heal. Peace, Barb

Sep 09, 2013
so sorry
by: Julie

I'm sure you hear this a lot, and you will hear it some more, I'm sorry for your loss. I was a Daddy's girl too, my dad died on August 1st 2013. I'm 23, and we didn't know he was sick, when he had a sudden heart attack. Think of your dad often, remember much, cry as often as you like.
If you need some advise from your dad, deep down you already know what he would say, because you knew him so well... He lives inside you, his blood runs through your veins.
I have been wearing my dads shoes, because my feet are about the same size as his were, and I have his legs, so when I look down it's almost like I'm seeing my dad... Do weird things, maybe no one understands, but anyone who has lost someone is on their own road, and in their own stage of grief.

-a fellow lost daddy's girl.

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