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My dad passed on Jan 6th 2011, he was 60. He went into the hospital w/ dehydration and was told maybe the gallbladder, and never returned home. It ruptured and he died from the poison. This is the same man who survived three heart attacks, months even years of rehab after a head on collision crushing him from waist down, ultimately loss a leg, diabetes due to trauma, and many many more hospital stays far more serious than a gallbladder.

He was laughing and talking at 8:30 pm on wed night in a reg room and dead by 12noon Thursday in icu. What in the world! Why do I feel like I'm going to die myself? When will the pain ease? When will the tears slow? Please tell what this is wrapped around my chest and head? I believe in God and heaven but have never known pain like this!

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Jan 22, 2011
Daddy's Girl Too
by: Elise

I lost my Dad very suddenly too - he was also 60! It will be a year in March and on Monday it will be his birthday. The first without him. Christmas was hard, and his birthday will be too! I still miss my Daddy!

To hear how your Dad died after all the other near misses, just kind of shows how we all are meant to go at a certain time. Your Dad defied the odds so many times!! I lost my Daddy through a massive heart attack and would have given anything for him to survive. I have always felt that it was his time and no matter how much I try to make sense of something that will never make sense, knowing it was just meant to be helps.

You have started the road to a very long and painful journey, but trust me when I say, that it does truly get better. The shock of it all kind of keeps you going, when that wears off it will be hard. I adored my Daddy and I am slowly getting my life back together again. Your Dad would want you to. I know it's all cliches at a time like this, but they really are so true.

I will always miss my beloved Daddy...... it's adjusting to life without them being here that takes some time, but that is what ultimately happens.

You are not alone sweetie, you really aren't. Even though grief takes you to such a lonely place! I am sure you have a loving family around you, and there are so many people on here that know EXACTLY how you feel and can offer you some kind off comfort.

The world will one day feel real again and things will become more bearable..... time is your best friend!

Take care!
Elise xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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