Daddy's girl

by Blaine

It was MAY 19, 2012 my junior prom. My date showed up an hour early so I had to hurry and get ready. I told my dad bye. And my date and I went out to eat. After we ate we were driving around because we were early. That's when I got the phone call from my aunt Mar. She said Blaine you need to come home I didn't believe her. Then she asked to talk to my date and I gave the phone to him and he talked to her, then hanged up. I asked whats going on and he said all I can tell you is that I have to take you home. Whats the quickest way to your house? I told him the way then asked again what is going on he said all I can tell you is that there was an accident. I said was anyone hurt he said I cant tell you that. We got on my road and we passed an ambulance. I started crying and worrying a lot more. I got up to my house and both sides of the family were there that's when I knew something was wrong. I open the door to the jeep and my mom was crying and she said Blaine you dad is gone. I said what do you mean? She said he was changing the blades on the lawn mower and it fell on him and crushed his chest he is dead. I then started crying my eyes out.

I have always been a daddy's girl. I have not been the same since this day. I miss my dad like crazy. It is not fair I lost my dad when I was 16 years old.

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May 02, 2013
by: Blaine

Sorry it been so long I actually forgot about this website. I know it hard but it seems to be getting easier this month will be a year since my Dad's death. I will graduate high school, and turn 18. Lots going on and lots on my mind.

Feb 14, 2013
Daddy's girl, Blaine
by: KC

Blaine, honey, there is never a good time to lose your dear Dad. You were obviously very special to him, and when you're 16, you expected so many more years together.

One thing is for sure - you will never lose the specialness and value you hold in your heart for your Dad. You don't need permission to feel how you feel, or to grieve however feels right to you. And you don't need any rules.

Truth is, your Dad is always with you - remembered by you, loved by you, and is an important part of your life. You can't cut off that part of yourself, put it on a shelf and 'move on'. Instead your Dad and his loss and meaning in your life is something you live with, and over time the feeling inside starts to guide you in a different way.

You can celebrate your relationship with your Dad by remembering the important lessons he taught you and the fun times you had together. Keep remembering him and include him in your conversations and memories - you can light a candle for him at the Christmas table to symbolise his presence and memory. Write letters to him, and then write back what he would say. In tough times you can ask him in your mind "what should I do about X?" listening to your heart, your wisdom will guide you - it is within you.

It's taken me a lot of years to learn this; I wish someone had told me this and helped me move into it years ago.

I give you all my love,

Feb 14, 2013
For Blaine

I lost my mom at 33 and I was not as strong as you. Not only did I grieve for the loss of my mom, but I grieved for the time I would never have with her. I didn't really have a close relationship with her growing up, so I was looking forward to all of the time in the future. It is so important to get it out, or you might lose yourself in the pain. It took me 5 years to get back to living and as a result, i lost many things; friendships, my husband and 5 years. Don't be afraid to name what you feel; get mad, yell, cry, but get it out. Find resources that can help you, perhaps a group for teens that meet and discuss coping strats. Whatever it is, be strong and after some time, (which is different for everyone)you will be able to speak of your father without tears but with a smile!
Take the time to grieve so that you will be able to deal with your loss, hang in there!!

Feb 13, 2013
my life
by: Anonymous

Thanks Doreen. And we go to church and my pastor and his wife help us talk about dads death. Ik its been 8 months since my dads death but seems like it hits more now because I am doing stuff with my life since dads death I got a part time job, my license, went to competition for school got 3rd place, and then holidays and little things make it harder. Ik God is always here well I know that now I was mad and thought there was no God till about a month ago when I went on a thing called a chrysalis flight.

Feb 13, 2013
Daddy's girl
by: Doreen U.K.

Blaine I am sorry for your loss of your father to a sudden death. You are at the prime of your life and still need your dad. You all as a family will be suffering greatly and all need individual support. Try and see a grief counsellor either for yourself or your mom so that you all can come to terms with this sudden death. It will have been a shock and in some disbelief this has happened. I also face grief now after losing my husband to cancer. I always feared for my husband's safety working with machinery and he had seen some horrific accidents. My husband died of a deadly cancer, but was preserved over the years from many an accident. It seems so cruel and unfair that children have to continue life without their father or a parent they still need in their life. Reach out to God who is the only one who can lift us up and sustain us in our grief.

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