Daddys Little Girl<3

by Morgan

My dad was my everything. Bestfriend, hero, mentor, my daddy. We were like peanut butter and jelly. Nothing could ever change that. He had diabetes, since the age of 21.
My Mom and Dad never had the perfect marriage, just like any other couple. It was a summer night in 2005, they were fighting. My mom told my dad she hated him and never wanted him to see us again, then kicked him out. I tried to go with him, but my mom wouldnt let me.. The next morning i woke up to my mom crying on the couch, so i went up to her and she told me that daddy didnt wake up. He went to my uncles house for the night, and since his sugar was so high, he took his incline, and went into diabetic shock. We drove up to the hospital, the doctor said he was in a coma. That coma lasted for 9 months.
I'd go up there everyday before & after school, i prayed and cried every single day hoping he'd wake up. He could open his eyes, and squeeze my hand, i thought he was getting better everyday, but in March of 2006, i noticed that he was looking worse. On March 12, it was a sunny Sunday morning, but it didnt feel right walking into the nursing home. I went to his room and the nurse told me that if i ask him a yes or no question he'd be able to answer: Blink once for yes, and twice for no. I asked him if he loved me, he blinked once, then i asked him if he was coming home soon, but he blinked twice. I was starting to get so scared. Then out of nowhere he just looked at me, eyes wide open, squeezed my hand and took his last breath. It was the most painful thing i could imagine.
I was so scared, i couldnt breath. The nurse came in and told me to go in the hall. i grabbed the build-a-bear that i made him for his birthday, went in the hall and cried praying my worst fear wasnt happening..
He was my everything, and i cant get over it. Everything we used to do together, i cant do anymore. Its so hard hitting milestones in my life.
I just wish he was here, holding my hand when im scared, taking roadtrips with me, and disapproving of every boy i meet. But mostly, i miss him being here.
A few weeks after he passed, i was sitting outside and a yellow bird flies up and sits on the railing, and starts singing the most beautiful tune ive ever heard. Since then, i realized that my daddys always going to be here for me, in his own special way. R.I.P. Daddy, 11.13.67-3.12.06<3

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