by Michelle

My heart is heavy and filled with pain. Eyes are filled with tears. I am fearful this ache will never soften. I rescued my little Daisy 13 years ago, I was only 11. I could not fathom just how strong and unbreakable our bond would be. Throughout the years she watched me grow up and kept every secret, witnessed every moment of strife and glory I experienced. Teenage years, financial instabilities, countless moves, the separation of my parents... to name a few. She slept in my room with me for 13 years and I was closer to her than any human being. Sometimes I feel like I'm going backwards in this grieving process, but she is worth every ounce of anguish and sadness my body feels. Daisy was the epitome of loyalty. She certainly showed more strength and grace than me. We need to learn from these creatures. I still feel her presence with me, even as I am typing this sobbing uncontrollably. The foot of my bed, the long walks and adventures, snuggling up to a movie, playing with my other two dogs, companionship throughout middle school, high school, and college. She was there for it all. She kept every secret and never failed to comfort me on the bad days. The day Daisy began to get sick was very sudden. No food or water could stay down. I immediately brought her to the vet and they diagnosed her with a UTI- simple round of antibiotics over night and I could pick up my queen in the morning. Of course I called as soon as they opened with news she was still hanging on but not getting any better. 2 hours later I was advised to come in, Daisy had cardiac arrest. I fell to my knees and fell apart. Cause? Kidney failure. She never displayed any symptoms before this. My mother had to get her from the vet's office and bury her in our yard, I am too weak of a person. I loved her with all of my heart and she loved with all of hers. Pure love. My heart is broken, and while I am drowned with grief and remembrance I must also celebrate her life. She still sees me off to work and class, accompanies the other dogs while they play outside, and greets me when I pull up to the driveway. Daisy will be a part of my life forever because her memories will live on. My little girl.

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Jun 10, 2012
by: Carmen

You are so wise for such a young person and you are right she is still with you and always will be with you in your heart. You will always have her memories. How lucky she was to have such a young loving person to care for her and be companion, she knew you loved her and you gave her a good life for 13 yrs and I know she is watching over you still. Dogs are very loyal even more then some people. I know your heart is broken sweetie and it hurts as it should however remember she is in no more pain she is at peace at the rainbow bridge,. God bless and keep you.

Jun 10, 2012
What a Beautiful Girl
by: Denise

Daisy was so blessed to have you as her Mom. She was very cherished, and she knew this. You made her life heaven on earth, and she reciprocated with her love for you.

This is the hardest time you have gone through in your life. Please be gentle with yourself. Daisy would not have wanted you beside yourself with grief, but celebrating the wonderful times you shared together. Buy a photo album and compile the pictures of these times. Visit her resting place and reminiesce together.

She will always be with you. On the edge of sleep, she will visit you. You will feel her jump up on your bed, just to let you know that she is safe and not in pain. She will do this to comfort YOU. It is their way of acknowledging our deep pain and sadness over their passing from our current lives. She is waiting for you, and wants you to have a happy life until you meet again. Anything less would not honor her memory.

Treat yourself gently, and God bless you.

Jun 10, 2012
by: Debi

Michelle - I am so sorry for the loss of your little Daisy. Lost my bulldog Chewy died suddenly about a month ago (her heart gave out). It is never easy to lose a pet. I think about her every day. I have her picture near my computer which brings me comfort. Wishing you peace and comfort in the days ahead.


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