Daisy. A four year old spitfire rabbit. I have scars from her nips and scratches. She was the princess. She was the boss. Sunday morning, the crack of thunder/lightening was too much for her. She never stopped shaking but she stopped eating. The veterinary er on Labor Day gave me everything I needed to force feed her to kick start her shut down digestive system. 12 hours later, the next morning, 3am, I rushed her back when I lead gotten up for her middle of the night feeding. She was not ok. I put her in her carrier and went right back to the ER. I buzzed the door to be let in. When they came to the door, the loud crack of the door opening caused her to frantically thrash in her carrier. Looking into the cage, I realized she was flat on her back, feet facing up. The tech opened the carrier and took her out. She let out an ear piercing scream that I will never forget. It was chilling. Horrifying. The ran with her into the back room. I sat alone in the waiting room. I knew what was happening. I've read about the scream of death. I never thought I would experience it first hand. I was nauseous. They came out to tell me she was "passing away'". I requested them to make it quick and painless for her. I got to see her after. Her eyes were so scary. Empty. I apologized for calling her a pain in the a** the week before when she ate a hole in my comforter. I wish I had known she was so sick. I never would have let it go on for an entire day. Her ears were my favorite part if her. They were like velvet. I know I did all I could but I keep thinking I should have ended it earlier for her instead of her dying so painfully. Stupid thunder. Stupid gi stasis. Why did that one storm scare her more than others. My daughter had dressed her in doll clothes and pushed her in a doll stroller. She was her best friend. Sometimes her only friend. I can never replace that. She cries every night for her. It's been the most painful 4 nights of her life.

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Jul 06, 2014
my baby bunny died like that too.
by: Anonymous

my baby bunny lee died sunday last week. the vet said it was a scare as well. there was a big thunder storm on saturday afternoon. sunday afternoon she was gone. my husband and i are not speaking. we keep blaming each other for her death. i keep thinking why i didnt play with her more... sobbing uncontrollably every night. noone to talk to but my husband who is also suffering. hope time will make it better for all of us. hope your kid gets better soon.xx

Sep 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry you and your daughter lost your pet rabbit. I've never had one, but they are so adorable. I recently lost one of my cats who was very ill. We had to have her put to sleep. I know the guilt and questions that come afterward. My husband asked why her eye was open when she died. She only had one eye. The vet said it was the way the anesthesia affects them. Maybe that is what you saw in your Daisy's eyes. I hope the heartache won't last long for you, and especially for your daughter. Our pets are in a better place and free from any more suffering.

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