Damienn Tyson Douglas

by Tausha Lee
(Bozeman, Montana, USA)

My son Damienn was 19 years old when the Good Lord took him to be one of his most brightest Angels. Damienn was a diabetic who had taken insulin since the age of 5 years old. He lived with me until he was 18 years old and then moved with his biological father in California. He had been raised in Montana by myself, his biological mother (also a diabetic), and his adopted father. He and his biological brother Darionn were 2 1/2 years apart and the best of friends. After moving to California, Damienn, after 6 months of living with his bio dad, ran away from home. He moved into a friend's home that had no idea of what a diabetic was. After another 6 months, Damienn left this earth at the expense of his diabetes. His blood sugar was very high and his heart stopped. He and his siblings had sang Happy Birthday to me two days before. He had two young siblings with his step-mother and bio dad. He never ran away from home before he moved to CA and when I asked why he ran away, he shared that his bio dad "would have to figure it out." To this day, no one seems to know WHY he ran away. I no longer speak with my ex-as he told my youngest son, Darionn to "get over it" when Darionn was still crying because he missed his brother and best friend - after a year. We still cry now and it has been 6 years! The adopted dad blames me for his passing as I suupported my young man child's decision to move with the bio dad. Trust me, if I only "woulda, coulda, shoulda," life would be different-maybe. I do beleive when the Lord decides that it is your time, it is your time. Darionn and I are ready. I know Damienn, My Auntie Carol, and my sons Nana will be waiting to greet us warmly and welcomingly.

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May 16, 2013
Damienn Tyson Douglas
by: Doreen U.K.

Tausha I am sorry for your loss of Damienn. Everyone is hurting when they lose someone, and emotions are running high and many people get blamed for causing someone's death. Often we just have to overlook this. If you know in your heart you did not cause this child to run away or make decisions for him that caused him to not be with you then you will have to in time forgive yourself for those decisions. We make CHOICES & DECISIONS every day and none of us knows if we make the right one's. We just often have to live with the wrong choices and decisions with some regret but not to punish ourselves forever so that we find life unbearable. I wish I could go back and right all my wrong decisions and choices. But I can't. Sometimes we have to live without people in our lives. I have known of cases where a mom would give up her child to live with someone else for the Best. This is called self sacrifice for the good of the child. But observers would of course judge her as being a bad person. Good thing it is God who sees all and can make the right judgement. Man sees life through flawed eyes.
We will all see our loved one's again which gives us hope to go on in life. Diabetes is such a difficult disease to live with that limits one's life and causes death from complications. Often it is no one's fault. But that life happens. So many mysteries why one person lives and another dies with the same condition. My husband died of an industrial disease caused by working with a substance not known years ago as a health hazard. My brother-in-law had an aneurysm that kills quickly. Yet he lived. WE can all tell stories like this. DEATH is so hard to live with even though we all know we are going to die. One day God will come back and destroy Death and pain and sorrow and grief so we don't have to hurt anymore.

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