My son Daniel died february 1st 2011. He was my best friend and best friend to my 14 y.o. disabled daughter. He was 23 years old and I just cant accept that he is gone. How can someone you love so much just leave you. There is so much I could write, I am not sure I am ready. I can say I found him in his room. The worst moment of my life and of course those of you reading this know. My son is gone and I hate life. He was a really sweet young man, kind to animals, the disabled and the elderly. I was so proud of his tender heart. Every night he would hug and kiss me and tell me he loved me, I miss him so much,,

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Apr 23, 2011
A beautiful boy
by: Mary

I am so sorry to ready about your Daniel. I lost my son almost two years ago. He was 29, and I love him more than anything in the world. The pain is still very close to unbearable, but I have been bearing it. Please know you are not alone. It is very hard but please be good to yourself, and feel the warmth and remember the love, and the wonderful gift that was your son.

Apr 19, 2011
Your son
by: Loretta

I'm sorry to read about your son, Daniel. But I am glad that we have each other. We're not alone. You can see that many other mom's and dad's have this heartache.
I will continue to pray for everyone with a broken heart.
Hugs to you dear friend.

Apr 17, 2011
Cry For Now
by: TrishJ

My husband passed away 4 months ago. I am yet to have a day where I don't cry for at least 1/2 hour. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night when I'm feeling especially lonely.
It's good for we humans to cry. I actually feel better after a good crying jag. One morning about 6 weeks ago I woke myself up with my crying. I didn't remember any dream. I was just crying in my sleep.
Take it easy on yourself. You are still in the crawling stages. I know the one thing that makes me feel better is doing for others. It's very healing. Writing really helps. Write your son a letter ~ tell him all things you love and miss about him.
The old saying, Time Heals All Wounds ~ NOT TRUE. At least not for me. My brother and best friend passed away 24 years ago. I miss him as much today as I did 23 years ago. I've just learned to live with it and to cherish the memories.
Worry about you. Take time for you. You'll make it through with God's help. Come to this site often and write. It really helps.
Peach and love.

Apr 16, 2011
by: Shirley

I understand your pain. My son, Dimitri, died 8 months ago. I held him in my arms as he took his last breaths and I sang a song to him that I sang when he was a baby. I will never get over it. I go to my local compassionate friends group every month. The first meeting was very difficult but now I feel a certain kinship with the other parents in the group and a sense of compassion when I talk about my son and listen to the others talk about their children. I also joined a support group online called My Child Has Wings. Both of these are helping me cope with the day to day pain I have to deal with. This forum is also wonderful. Keep writing about Daniel and know that you are not alone.

Apr 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

The group for lost children is compassionate friends. Please seek help do not do this alone.
Grief is a long bumpy ride.

Apr 16, 2011

You do not need to write your story of grief. Come here and read others stories of grief if nothing else to know that you are not alone in your feelings. Click yourspace and read under lost adult children. I have also heard people mention griefshare.com Nothing I can say or you can read will make the feelings go away. But it helps knowing about some of the feelings you will have in the coming months ahead. I am so sorry for you loss but am so glad that you found this site. The caring people here have helped me through many a dark day. When every one else has moved on they remain. I cannot thank them enough and you can trust them with your heart.

Apr 15, 2011
your so brave
by: Anonymous

I just want you to know...I think your so brave, to write anything helps,,,I lost my dear wonderful brother last Aug and the pain is something beyond I never even knew could exist.
You know...I dont know how many times I heard people say things...like it will get easier...I truly dont think that can ever be...
But I know you can cherish all those amazing memories...Hold them right in your heart...and when your able to stop crying...Do things in His honour. Plant a tree, put a bench somewhere, where you can go and sit and think of him.
Your so brave to have written.

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