Dave trusted everyone

by don

Dave always tried to help people. He was kind, overly generous and trusted everyone. His last kind act was to offer a ride to a stranger. His reward was to be brutally robbed and murdered. He was 31, he was my twin. When Dave died I was reborn. I stopped trusting everyone. I became hateful of my fellow man. Over the next few years of my transformatiom I lost my great job, my wife left me, my friends no longer call and I focus on only one thing. To do everything in my power to destroy whats left of my life, my health and my happiness so I can join him. So far I've succeeded masterfully. See you soon Dave, I won't be much longer. Wish I'd been there to save you. :(

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Oct 17, 2012
Remember Dave
by: Anonymous

Many people say that someone only truly dies when everyone who remembered them dies. You are what is left of your brother in the world, try to stay here to keep him alive in some way.

Aug 15, 2012
Don't let the bad guy murder you too
by: Ordinarygirl


These don't seem to be dated so I'm not sure how long ago you posted about your twin brother - but I hope you're still coming back here and reading the replies to your post.

My sister passed 6/25/12 - she was murdered by cancer. 9 months from diagnosis to death. She was murdered! Not by a gun, a knife, but by cancer. It took her away from us, from her handicap daughter that she cared for 24/7. And now that she's been murdered the chances are more likely that another family member will also be murdered by cancer.

However, the chances are not as great that you, or anyone else in your family will be murdered by a gun, a knife or a person like the one that murdered your twin...unless you LET him.

I don't have a choice - cancer is in my genes and now we know about it. I can make choices to live anyway and be happy and healthy and be happy for the time I got with my sister. But you do have a choice. And with smart choices you can live a long life in HONOR of your twin.

If it were you that were dead - and I know sometimes you probably even wish it were so - but if it were you and your twin was still alive. Would you want him to avenge your death the rest of his life by ruining his life?

I know I wouldn't want my sister to sit around crying about me all day. And that's why I pick myself up and go to work and try to see friends and family and do the things that are sometimes the hardest because its' what she would want.

Your twin needs you to live life doubly full now so you can live it for him too. Try not to focus on the loss but focus on what you need to do now for him so that he is celebrated and remembered.


Jun 26, 2012
by: betty fain

Don like wise I too lost a lil sis and it was a brutally death from her so called friends,she was bured over 80% of her body!She would of been 49 this march she died feb 11,this yr and the copes and i knew that this was done to her,but they had no proof. she was a loveing person but one day these ppl will have to stand before GOD for what they have done ! i like you have a lot of anger and Grief over this but i believe in GOD and i walk one day at a time with him and GOD said to me she is safely home with him now!!! So try to look beyend this earths shadows, pary to trust our fathers will. There is still work waiting for you, so you must let GOD help you and others like you help you with your pain and anger, and hate =love in god betty fain

Jun 06, 2012
know how you feel
by: Anonymous

my sister was also much like your brother she died oct 29.2011 i can imagine the pain your going though, i often feel like i need to be with her, i don't feel like the world can go on with out her, but i also have a 5 month old baby who needs me and a husband who loves me, I'm sure people need you also, i hope one day you can be happy again, all that remains from your bro are memories, always keep them in your heart. remember the good things about him, I'm sorry for your loss i hope peace may come to us both

May 25, 2012
I understand
by: Anonymous

Dave I am so sorry to hear about you losing your twin. My 29yo daughter was brutally murdered because she felt sorry for a guy that had no friends. Her friends told her to not have anything to do with this guy, but Heather was not judemental about anyone. Heather has a sister who has muscular dystropy. I was told she may not walk, she could never read. Her inspiration was her sister. If Heather could do it she could do it. She graduated from High School, goes to a nursing home and has made friends with the residents. Our life is so empty. I wish I could give you some words of wisdom, but I just put one foot in front of the other. It will be 2yrs. in July. My heart and my body still ache.

God bless you and I hope you can find peace here until God calls you home.


May 24, 2012
Dave Loves You
by: Anonymous


Dave wants you to be happy...he loves you! He wants you to love, to live, and to be happy. Dave loves you and wants this for you. Won't you do that for him? Talk to your doctor....get help. There IS help. And there is joy again for you....

May 24, 2012
Sensitive Soul
by: Helen

Don Your grief and pain from loosing your twin brother is smothering you, and you are sinking into deep despair.
my wish for you is to speak to your doctor, and/or seek professional help, to help you cope with your overwhelming sadness and loss.
You are a sensitive soul, and I am sure your brother is watching you daily and trying desperately to get you to live and love again.
Please don't let your grief and anger at the murderer destroy YOUR life.
May you find some peace and comfort in this life

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