Davie Hunter

by Angela

My husband of 20 years died suddenly on 12/11/11 of cardiac arrest.He was fine one minute and next minute he was dead.he was only 47.I wish he hadnt died I didnt get a chance to tell him that i loved him.I cant believe he is dead and I hate him not being here.I miss him all the time and I'd give anything to see him again.I feel so empty and I have no purpose anymore.He was everthing to me and I miss him every single second.I feel guilty because I didn't save him.I wish he hadn't died.We have 4 kids and they dont seem to be either up or down about it.I miss him so much and it is so hard to try and understand that I will never see him again.We were supposed to grow old and grey together.This is so unfair.It makes no sense.

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Dec 22, 2011
A BIG Thankyou xxx
by: Angela

I just want to thank yous for replying to my blog.I read your replies and shed tears for you too.I dunno how or even why it helped....but it did.I guess it helps to know that I'm not completely alone.After reading your replies I managed to get dressed and get myself out for a walk and did some shopping n stuff.I definetly felt a bit more "up".Lifes still HELL but at least I know someone somewhere understands what i feel.THANKYOU.TAKE CARE XXXX

Dec 19, 2011
I know the pain.xx
by: Karen From Tasmania Australia

I am sorry to here of you husbands death,i know exactly how you feel i lost my beautiful 14yr old son in August this year very sudden as well we are still waiting on the Coroners Report.And it does not get any better ,i think of my son every minuite of the day.Ikiss his last photo of him every night and every morning.I would give anything to have him back i miss my bubba cakes so badly it hurts so much.Iknow things wont get any better i am so sad every day and im sure you feel the same.There is nothing else i can say.xx Karen.xx

Dec 19, 2011
I know!
by: Audrey

Dear Angela I'm so sorry. My husband passed 13 1/2 months ago. We were married 30 years. 4 kids 5 grand kids and 2 more on the way. He was my everything! We were suppose to grow old together too. My husband was 64 but healthy, made him take vitamins see doctor etc. Because he was 14 years older then me, I told him he had to take care of himself so I could catch up. But with a minor surgery a blood clot took him from me. Real quick, but I thank God I was there with him, did CPR. But he passed with me. I know he is with me, and guiding me. Yours is with you too. We need to have faith. It's not easy, it will feel like a roller coaster you can't get off of. You will cry where ever when ever! Just shows how much you loved him. God bless!

Dec 18, 2011
I'm so sorry
by: Valerie

I too, lost the love of my life. Monty died on Nov. 24th of a heart attack. He was only 56. He was fine one minute, and gone the next.
Your comments just make total sense to me. I know exactly how you feel.
My whole world is upside down. Yet, everyone goes on about their busy lives. The holidays make it worse because that is all that anyone things about. All I can think about is that Monty is not here. Like, I am sure you are thinking about Davie.
I am so sorry you are going through this pain. It is horrible. After 3 1/2 weeks, I have had to resume regular activities like getting up in the morning, going to work, feeding the dog, putting gas in the car.... But it all feels so empty and lonely. I imagine you and I are feeling many of the same emotions, half a world away. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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