Dear Josette

by Joe parks
(Los angeles)


Caught in a tempest, fight of my life, months filled with anguish, sorrow and strife
Who would have thought dear, that we'd be apart, gone is my smile, broke is my heart
The day that you left me I still don't believe, the unthinkable has happened, you had to leave
Nothing seems real now, nothing is right, alone in our room dear, I search for the light

The light of your love dear, I know it does shine, I know it's not gone, I know it's still mine
I still feel your presence helping me through, one step at a time, is all I can do
I know what you want dear, I know in my heart, I know what is right, love, I know I must start
To walk in your in your honor, is what I will do, to cherish the love that bonds me and you

We hiked in the mountains, sailed over the seas, gave life to our children,we planted new trees
We loved every minute, years how they flew, time is so pleasant, my time spent with you
Although it has changed now, I still have to think, how blessed my life is, there must by a link,
Another hand helped us, guided our way, through this fairy tale love, this miraculous day

Nic nacks and rocks dear, flowers and birds, the treasures you found dear, the music you heard
All of these things, the makings of you, I watched how you blossomed, I love how you grew
Everyone near you is touched by your grace, you brought a real love to a once empty place
Concern felt for others, family and friends, you gave us a gift that won't ever end

You fill me with wonder, the person you are, a child of the earth, our morning star
All that have known you will know what I mean, hard to describe, it has to be seen
Words do no justice, for a person like you, youre one of a kind, to good to be true
Gentle yet strong, vibrant and wise, you left a mark on my heart as vast as the sky

You showed us a way dear, that we never knew, how love can be pure, so honest and true
A love that will last dear, of that there's no doubt, not even deaths door can keep it locked out
It flows through the house dear, it blows in the wind, it's here in the garden, it always has been
It's a part of my soul now, without which I'm done, I know what the truth is, we've grown into one

Joe and Josette is how it will stay, together forever, always this way
Its really quite simple, a little remark, I made a vow, till death do we part
But death is a myth dear, we both know its true, no I can't see you, but feel you I do
Your love has not left me, theres nothing to fear, it only grows stronger, year after year

There's a treasure inside me, I must find the key, locked deep in my heart, that you left for me
Opals and pearls, walks on the reef, trips to the market, all mine to keep
Days of great laughter, the days that we cried, I treasure them all, my heart swells with pride
To think of the things dear, that we use to do, I cherish each moment that I shared with you

I won't live without it, of that I am sure, and that's how I know, this love will endure
I'll follow your path dear, a path bright and true, until the time comes that I'm next to you
And as i await that glorious day, a candle I'll burn, to light the pathway
That leads me to you dear, to loves sacred heart, and never again, will we ever part

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