Dear Ma Ma, Happy Birthday

by Theresa
(Chowchilla, Ca. )

I miss you so much, It hurts to even write to you right now, I always think of you. Sometimes, I go to the phone because I have a question, or just to say Hi, I Love you, then I remember I can't cause your not there, I don't remember what your voice sounds like. The only way I remember what you looked like then is looking at picture I have all around the house. February 25 1931 you would of been 82 today, It's not fair you died to young at the age of 44 I just turned 25 one month after my Birthday and you were gone. I Hate You Cancer, She was by best friend, someone that I could talk to tell her anything, and she wouldn't judge me, with her arms, her heart, and her understanding. She would be there for me. I Loved her so much then and so much now. She will always be in my heart and in my memory and no one can ever take that away from me. But you Cancer you took her away from me and I hate you for that. Buona Notte Arrivederci Domani Dorme Tutta La Notte (Good night, See you Tomorrow. Pleasant dreams.) Ma Ma, Do you remember our prayers we use to say every night since I was just a little girl? I've taught you great Grandson that, his name is Marshall, he says that prayer so good, It would make you smile as it does me. See you someday, But I have to stay here for now, because I can't leave my family now. Most of all I can't leave Marshall, I raised him, his my baby, his 9 and his smart, he gets straight A's he's in the 3 rd grade. I know if you were here Marshall would know how to speak Italian. Arrivederci Ma Ma

Love you,
Your Daughter Theresa,
Happy Birthday 2/25/2013

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Oct 15, 2013
October 24
by: Theresa

October 24, It's coming up soon one month to the day she died. My Birthday September 24 is my Birthday. I had to go and see my Dr. on the 5th of this month he's in San Francisco California and we live 4 hours away I had a hip replacement and we live North of Fresno California. Well I'm doing OK with my hip, On our way back home we stopped in Hayward that's where my parents are buried, I wish that I had some flowers to put there, but I trimmed the grass away from their stone and polished the stone, then I cried like a baby, My parents died to young Anna my mama died at the age of 44, and my pop William 65, they would be in their 80's now, This is the hard part, We have twins they don't know, their 34, we have one grandson 10 one granddaughter 2 and one on the way a girl, my mom would of love them like no one's busyness and would of taught them Italian and my pop who came from Spain he would of been the best grandfather Papa miss you to. I miss them both so much, I call myself an orphan, called myself that for a long time

Mar 01, 2013
Dear Mama Happy Birthday
by: Theresa

To all of you that wrote on my page, I'm sorry for your lost I know how painful it is. It's like your heart is going to come out of your chest, sometimes it's hard to breath. People say as time goes by it gets easier, But to be honest, I don't think it does, My mom died in 1975 and it still hurts as it did the day she died. If you all only knew the rest of this miserable story after my mom died it would blow your mined. All I could say if you have a Friend A Friend you can trust, I know there not to many of them around now a days. For the 14 year old I feel your pain, I could only say go to your school counselor, there are many opportunity's that he/she can help you with, that others your age are going through the same thing you are, Please take anything they offer. I wished I did. I was so mad I took it out on a lot of my friends and lost them, I took the wrong road and almost died. I'm glad to be alive, I have a wonderful family some not so nice, But that's not near or there, I have a Husband, My son, and a wonderful Grandson, who love me and I them. I'm not saying I have it all easy. I do have am bad days. It's hard to do, But hang in there. Keep their happy, funny, silly, memories in your head and heart, and remember all the story's. I love you all for reading my letter, You are all special to me. and I will keep you all in my hearts forever. Theresa

Feb 26, 2013
Dear Ma Ma, Happy Birthday.
by: Doreen U.K.

Theresa I am sorry for your loss of your Ma Ma! I like the way you honoured her and the respect you have for her. I also felt moved by the way you posted. ANGRY at the CANCER that took your Ma Ma away. I can feel the same way. I lost my husband to cancer 10 months ago. He had a deadly inoperable, incurable, aggressive cancer caused by working with asbestos. We were married 44yrs. and didn't get time to LIVE because my husband worked all over the world and this country of England as an exhibition carpenter. He was 65yrs. and to me he died too soon to enjoy his retirement he had earned from his 47yrs. working life. But who said Life is Fair? It is actually a mixture of blessings for what God gave us and CRUEL for the pain we have to endure along the way in our lifetime. Even when it is our time to leave this world it is never easy to accept. It is very painful since we gather memories and a strong bond throughout our life. It is the Lonliness and ALONENESS we feel the most not seeing our loved one anymore and sharing life experiences and time together. It leaves us with a type of devastation from our loss. For me Life will never be that same again. The very essence of our atmosphere dies and we find ourselves in a strange place with our grief. May you be comforted in your loss of your Ma Ma.

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