Dearest Cody and Peter

by Erin Decker
(Austin, Texas, United States)

It is now almost 2013, but my story takes place in the year 2000 when I was about 6 years old. Peter and Cody were the greatest childhood friends I ever had.

Cody and Peter were brother and sister who I met while living in the Friendly Village Mobile Homes located in Lancaster, California. They lived behind me. I met them when I was about 3 or 4 years old. Cody was my age and Peter was about a year or 2 older than Cody and I. We did almost everything together.

One day when I about turned 6, my mother and father decided to get a divorce. It turned out that Cody and Peter's parents were doing the same thing. It was sad because that meant we had to leave our homes and start a new life elsewhere. It meant I couldn't play with Peter's Loony Toon Taz roller blades or play in the flower garden with Cody. It meant Goodbye.

The last time I saw them was on September 12, 2000 on my 6th birthday. They came and visited me at my new home before they had to leave for their new home. We said our goodbyes that day, but this is not the end of this tale.

A couple months later a shocking news report appeared on my grandparents TV. (where my new home was) All I remember is the news showed a picture of a young girl and immediately my dad and grandma told me to get out of the room. That girl on the screen was my dearest friend Cody. Because I was young at the time my family didn't tell me who that girl was and what happened.

My family did the right thing on telling me when they told me this unfortunate news from my past. I was about 11 when I was told my friend Cody was murdered by her own father and later her father shot himself. When I found out this news I was in shock for a a few minutes and then asked about Peter. My dad said Peter and his mother moved back to California after what they went through.

To this day i think about the memories I had with these wonderful people. I always think to myself, " there is a reason for everything" and I believe that I met Cody and Peter because in the future they may be apart of my life again. I pray that Peter believes Cody is happy in heaven because I do. It was sad the way she went, but after all these years of life lessons, I have learned faith is a very strong thing. And I have faith that Peter is living a happy life with his baby sister watching over him.

Dearest Cody and Dearest Peter, I miss you and God Bless.
-Your long lost friend

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Nov 12, 2012
Dearest Cody and Peter
by: Doreen U.K.

Erin I am sorry for your loss of both your friend to moving, and sorry for your loss of Cody to a horrific sudden death. You have had the worst shock ever at such a young age when no child needs to have to process this tragedy.
You are a very remarkable young woman to be able to articulate your story in the most sensitive manner and to have a very positive attitude. It is sad when we have to move and lose touch with friends we have grown up with. This in itself is a huge loss to a young child. I am so happy that you had good memories in your childhood. I also am sorry for your loss of relationship due to a divorce in your family which is traumatic when one is so young and not able to process this loss in the home and moving home.
I don't like change. We get set in our ways and when this is disrupted it does upset our world as we know it. Children however do adapt quite well to new situations better than adults with the responsibility of Changes.
I just hope that you are not affected by the fact your parents ushered you out of the room so quickly so you don't hear this tragic news. They were trying to protect you. If you feel a difficulty here you may benefit from seeing a grief counsellor so that you can recover from this shock of such a horrific death. I hope that you are now well supported by family and friends.

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