Death of A Broken heart

by Kayla Ortiz

My mommy was only 42 when she passed it was today when she left me :( she was a giving loving funny outgoing mother I loved her even though she made some mistakes in her life but no matter what she was my world my friend now I have no one my mommas life changed by the death of my father she loved that man so much she blamed herself for his death but it really wasn't she left my father because he cheated on her on would want to be sober. After his death she was so sad depressed I knew her heart hurt so much. A year after my fathers death she was depressed it got so bad she thought drugs could heal her pain so while she would watch my son while I went to school one day I didn't do and we talked my mom looked at my son and cried saying your dad would of loved him then she told me I feel like I'm going to go soon and I was like no your not ! That's was my momma never wanted to leave thought of death to come for her so next days pass by it's Friday and we were supposed to hang out but we ended up not so while I was going to bed she called me I was so happy for some reason she told me I missed you twice today and I was like I know! And she told me I got you some groceries I was like I know and she told me what else did I need and I was like sugar and she started laughing omgsh your the only one who don't have sugar in there house I stared laughing I know then she told me okay I'm going to go over around 11 or 12 and I said okay then and then I told her I feel my baby moving inside me and she said aww your starting to show huh and I was like then she said okay well goodnight mija I love you I said okay me to bye :( then
This morning at 4 am my moms sister knocked on my door and I was like what happened then I thought my moms okay right is she alive! Then sadly she said no I literally dropped to the floor and said I have no one now!!!:( I went to the hospital and verify my moms body:( I believe my mother was depressed real bad and had a bad heart she couldn't take it no more I will miss that crazy funny lady so much!:( she did everything for me my heart hurts feels better to share this RIP Sharon Ortiz 8-16-71 3-30-13 love you mommy I have to live the rest of my years without you :,,(

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Mar 31, 2014
Death of a Broken heart
by: Doreen UK

Kayla I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. She was such a young age to lose her life. Perhaps your aunt can be there for you now so you don't feel so alone.
Life can be very difficult for so many people that they try so hard but still can't get ahead. You mom seems to have accepted her lot in life and lived her life as best as she could. It is sad that your mom and dad separated and your father also passed away. Perhaps he had some regrets. But life is as it is. Just one bad mistake can wreck a family, and unable to reconcile. Being alone without support is such a difficult place to be. Perhaps you aunt may take you under her wings and care for you. If you need support reach out to those who can throw you a lifeline when you need it and help you back on your feet. Your mom is at peace now and can't be hurt anymore by life. It is you and us on this site that have a touch battle restructuring our lives and hoping we get it right. don't suffer alone. There are counsellors, this site, and maybe friends who may look out for you and help meet your needs. Don't give up on life! or people! Remember there is a God in the heavens who hears our cries and is ever able to help us and guide us in life. God likes to be invited into our lives so that He can show us how much he loves and cares for us. I wish you better days ahead and hope you get the support you need.

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