Death of a Mother

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My mother, Alice, developed pulmonary fibrosis (lung problems), shortly after she finished chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Her surgeon was pleased with the surgery and said she should do fine just have radiation. But the cancer doctor for the area we live in said she needed chemo. My mother, being like everyone else and believing every word the doctor said to be true, chose to have what is called the "Red Devil" which is a very potent, highly toxic form of chemotherapy. Not only was this method chosen for pro-treatment, the doctor prescribed her dosage double what the normal person would take. Of course, the family is angry about what happened to our dear one, and we have considered suing, but we know in the end it would do no good. The lawyers would say it was caused from her smoking for 30 years. Or they would say that she signed the consent to have the treatment. Both being true, however, she had stopped smoking for 10 years prior to the chemo treatment and even though she signed the consent, she trusted the doctor and had no idea what kind of chemo she was taking. My mother suffered a 5-year battle with the pulmonary fibrosis. She had to wear oxygen 22 out of 24 hours of the day. But being the way she was, she gave life all she had to give even til the end when she died at home from a massive heart attack caused from the PF. But all of the above is not who my mother was. She was passionate about babies, little children, the elderly and animals getting proper care and love and she would and did fight on occasion about this subject. She was an artist. She was a self-made interior decorator, a snazzy dresser, and an old-fashioned baker. That was my mother who I still hear in my head and see when I shut my eyes. She was 75 when she left this earth.

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