Death of fiancee

by Irena Booth
(Westfield, NJ)

I am writing this email in hopes that it will help to change somebody's life.

My husband's fiancée passed away 17 years ago from rare form of Leukemia. She was 22 then. They were young and planning for wonderful life together and she wanted a child so bad

Then, one day she didn't feel well and they went to a hospital. She was diagnosed with Leukemia and had to undergo several cruel surgeries that disfigured her face; and chemotherapy.

She was in a lot of pain, and died in pain. Her screams could be heard from the entry to the inpatient oncology unit.

My husband was devastated. They offered him to attend support groups, but he wouldn't do that. He couldn't cry either.

Time passed since her death, but he could not let those emotions out. One day he was driving his sister to work and he heard Anita Baker song, " I Apologize". He went to the store, bought Anita's CD and was listening to this song for several days, listening only to this song.

And then he decided to write a book in memory of his fiancée. The name of the book is " I Apologize", by Bradley Booth.

All the emotions and untold feelings he poured into this book. This book is a work of fiction, but it based on real events and all the feelings of grief and disbelieve of what happened are reflected in this book.

I read the book and I cried from overwhelming emotions and understanding how hard it must be to live through such a tradegy.

It took my husband 17 months to write this book.

This book is published and available online, but has little to no exposure. I am writing this letter in hopes that people who lost their loved ones can read it and hopefully make peace within themselves and try to move on.

I am a hospice nurse and I see how hard it is for people to cope with their loved one's death.

I think this book might be helpful for people who lost their loved ones and trying to make sense of life without them.

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Aug 26, 2013
Death of fiancee
by: Anonymous

My fiancee was killed while trying to save a womans life. An icy February night, the love of my life was on his way home until he saw a car flip on the other side of the highway. Even in terrible weather he pulled over and rushed to the womans aid. With the help of 3 other men he secured the safety of that helpless woman. Then another car slides on the same patch of ice and starts swerving towards the men. They all jump out of the way, including my love. The only thing is that he didn't jump over the guardrail. The weather was so bad that night, none of them knew they were all on a bridge. My fiancee fell 30 feet to the road below. Once the men realized he was missing, they serched the road for him. On the road below, another car is speeding to the accident: the State Trooper called earlier. Rushing to the scene, he notices the men on the bridge...but not my fiancee in the road. By the time the Trooper looked back, he was already too close to him to swerve out of the way.

He passed on February 13th and I found out on Valentine's day. (In 2008) I was and still am devistated. I have remarried, but I feel I still love my late fiancee and won't let him go. I dream of him more than my husband. I think of him every day. I have cried, but I don't think I've mourned him. I will find this book and read it. I hope this book helps me relieve some of the pain. Thank you for sharing your unfortunate story. I am sorry for your husbands pain.

Jul 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

My Fiancee just died june 27th. he was the love of my life, my soul mate. I am devastated. I am 51 divorced since 1991. All these years to find love and now I am alone again. John came into my life after the death of my only son Daniel and made me feel that life was worth living again. now I don't know what to do.

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