death of my daddy

by Ronda

My father has been my best friend my entire life .. I am 44 now..He taught me how to be strong and independent..He loved fishing and he played guitar for many years when I came into this world. When my father had lost his last wife and her name is Betty, Nov 28,2014 from congested heart failure..My dad went into deep depression.. Then my mom who I took care of for almost 5 years after her massive stroke in 2001.. she past away Dec 29,2014.. A month later after my step mom passed.. My dad had a massive heart attack Jan 10,2014. They called it a widow maker. He should have died.. but he didn't and I was there for him Every step of the way .. then his kidneys started failing. We were back and forth to Dr appts and in and out of hospital for past 5 months.. He was left with only 15% heart and 33% kidney after the heart attack.. I lost him May 18th,2014..

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Jun 05, 2014
lost my dadddy
by: Ronda

I messed up on the dates from first comment. I lost my step mom Nov 28,2007 and then lost my mom Dec 29,2007.. I lost my dad May 18,2014..

Jun 05, 2014
loss of my father
by: Ronda

I'm trying to wake up every day and do normal things but I forgot what to do.. He was my daily routine.. talking before work, during my work schedule, after work, thru the night almost every hour and before I went to sleep. I miss his phone calls, his good nights, and his I love yous.. He always looked forward to talking to me l the very next day and seeing me .. I'm almost done with my vacation. And I'm almost scared to go back to my job .. just because I don't know how people will act towards me or how I will react to them.. I'm mad and lonely and scared all at the same time. I take medication to help me sleep but it is not even working .. I just miss him so much that it hurts deep inside my soul..

Jun 02, 2014
death of my daddy
by: Doreen UK

Ronda I am so sorry for the loss of your father. WE live in such a broken and painful world losing people from our lives all the time. It is so hard picking oneself up each time, only to find we are back at square one, doing it all over again. Feeling as if Life has dealt us a cruel blow once again. This pain of loss has got to be the worst pain ever in life to go through. It seems to go on forever. It doesn't matter how old we are we can never forget what our father's did for us and how they laboured hard to give us the best. I lost my husband 2 yrs. ago to cancer and even thought my 3 children are all Adults, they still lost a father, and it is so hard to process the pain each day.
My father is almost 93yrs. and lives in a care home and I know I will lose him soon and it is so very hard to expect this despite his age. My father did so much for us 6 children that can never be repaid in Love or kindness. I miss him from my world already. I couldn't bear to go through this grief journey again. The pain is so CRUSHING. Healing is so slow. It hurts all the time and will never be the same again without our loved one's in our life. I am so tired of grief and sorrow. Every now and then you will have bad days as you travel this road. But knowing that we are not alone in our grief helps. It can feel as if we are all alone because our loved one's are gone from our daily life. This is the hard part. But know that we grieve together. God hears our cries and will step in to pick us up so that we can face another day. I am sorry for all your losses from your life.

Jun 01, 2014
Dear Ronda,
by: Anonymous

You have been through so much, and I am sorry for all of your losses. I lost my father in January 2013, he died suddenly from Cardiac Arrest.He was such a great man, and taught me many, many things. We were very close. The past year has been so hard, so sad and so lonely. Even though I have my own family, I miss my father so very much. I could talk to him about anything, and he always listened. Never judged. He had such great insight that I always trusted and valued his advice. Now I feel like I am untethered. I have to make "grown up" decisions on my own without my father's wisdom to support me. I still have a place for him in my life - he is with me everyday. It is just such a lonely world without him in it. You will be in my thoughts - I know how you feel, Barb

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