Death you not ashamed!!!!

by anonymous

Death you not ashamed, you have no manners, you cruel calculative .... You tear lovers apart, you take fathers from kids - brothers from sisters. You show your face everyday, every hour, minute and seconds - but nobody nobody gets used to you. Sometimes you take away, in the most cruel fashion, people who couldn't hurt a fly! Sometimes we can see your intention of snatching our loved ones from us but when you come - its like lighting - we can't stop you. You cruel...... But you know what? You can a lot from us but not our treasured memories! You can't steal our spiritual connection to our loved ones! You can't steal our faith in that we will be reunited in heaven! You can't block our dreams - we do dream about them often! We do hear their voives telling us not to cry bcs they are in a good place! Take That - let's see!!! You can't steal our sadness when we miss them. Who misses you Death? Who gets sad that you are gone Death? Who keeps anything about you Death? Who cries because they miss you Death? NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!! How I wish you feel the same pain you instill in us when you snatch our loved ones from us. But you will never know and feel this pain because you have no feelings. What I know for sure is that you will never ever fully separate us from our loves because guaranteed we will see them one day!! And You Death I doubt there is anyone looking forward to seeing you one day. Shame on you Death..spoilt brat, never satisfied, forever taking,

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Dec 18, 2012
Well said
by: Anonymous

Death is not victorious over the grave. We will see our love ones again.

Dec 18, 2012
Death you not ashamed !!!!!!!
by: Doreen U.K.

What a lovely expression of putting our anger on DEATH and what it has done TO US. By TAKING from us. From hurting us in our life and leaving us bruised, Broken, forsaken, and in PAIN. The Shame that DEATH has left us FEELING. How it has robbed us of Love and continuation of Life with our departed and loved one.
Death has a Sting as God says. God promised us that because of Death we would feel its sting.
You are writing about the STING OF DEATH and how it has left us in this world.
You also express the Life beyond Death and how we will be re-united with our loved one's who have died so DEATH you only Win for a time on this earth but you won't win altogether. DEATH will then be destroyed by God FOREVER. Because God has promised this. LIFE EVERLASTING. FOREVER. This is when DEATH is swallowed up by God. God sent his Son to earth to DIE and then RECLAIM his life so that we can have LIFE ETERNAL. Now this is something to LIVE for. To HOPE for.
Thank you for your HELP to us Grieving our LOSESS. We can hit out at DEATH. Put our ANGER on DEATH. God be with you and Comfort You and Us as we fight against DEATH.

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