December 11 2011

by Marrisa Payne

Summer after 7th grade. I was going through a hard time. I had moved in with my cousin and her family. I got kicked out and had returned back to my home town where it seemed like everyone had forgotten me. One day, an angel named Kristin messaged me on Facebook. Before I knew it she showed up at my front door. We were fast friends. Spending everyday together. We became bestfriends and it stayed that way for three almost four years. We we so close she gave me her grandmas ring. Kristin and I spent all the time we could together. She was the only one in my life I ever trusted. She saved me from suicide. She was there for every little thing. And constantly let me know I was beautiful and that she loved me. Anyway. On December 11, 2011 three years after we became bestfriends, I woke up and checked Facebook. I had gotten a message there was a very bad car accident that had killed Britney (one of Kristins friends) later I found out Kristin was with her and was in the hospital. The car had lost control and rolled down a hill. Both of them were found 30-60 feet away from the car. Kristin suffered brain swelling. I thought she was gunna be okay though, I texted her telling her how sorry I was she had gone through this and that I am here for her and love her. Then around one am she was pronounced brain dead. At that time I didn't really know I'd never have her back. I waited for weeks to get a text from her saying "I love you wifey.! I MISS YOU." like she always did. But I never got one. Even at the funeral I just didn't believe she was gone. She was an amazing girl who cared about EVERYONE. she had the biggest heart and wanted to be a nurse. She loved animals. Most of all she loved her family. They meant the world to her. I wish I could understand how someone so amazing came into MY life. I can't believe how lucky I am to have had her in my life. I am so thankful for all the lessons she taught me. She made me so much of a better person. We have so many memories that run through my head all the time. Just a Dream is our song, by Nelly. The words are perfectly fitted. And the titanic was our movie. I want to go on and on but.. I won't. That's a little bit of our story. I feel alone, empty and like half of me is missing. I wish it was me in that car or at least that I was with her.

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Apr 06, 2012
by: Zoe

I am a widow. But my beloved John was also my best friend. In the two years since I lost him, what I have learned that for a while, I was touched by an angel. And when the bad stuff happened, I prayed to the universe, or whoever was listenting. I would have traded places in a second. But the truth seems to be that when we do throw out those request, prayers, pleas, to the universe, they listing, it is just sometimes the answer is no.

Your friend is not lost to you. You have her in your heart, you have her in your soul. And because of that, she is never lost. The battles she helped you win, they are a testament to her strength and her loving friendship. Keep it close to you and know that you are the greatest example of all of the good in her.

And as always, when it gets too much.

One Step, One Breath, One day at a time.

Come anytime you need us, we are always here and we always listen.

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