Depression is back again

by danielle

I lost my mom almost 16 years ago.
A few weeks back I decided I really want to stop blaming God and being so angry for the loss of my mom. Well I'm still trying but now it seems like I'm extremely depressed and my world is falling apart all over again. Over these last few weeks I've being crying myself to sleep and have been spending almost my entire day in my room. I've been at this stage before a few years after it first happened and now I'm back at it again.

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Apr 02, 2013
Depression is back again.
by: Doreen U.K.

Danielle. I am sorry for your loss of your mom almost 16yrs. ago and for how this is still affecting your life.
You are not unusual. None of us knows how long grief will last and how to go on in life. We just get on with it and then all of a sudden we find ourselves in a state of depression and can't shake it off. Something may have triggered off this depression? or either it has been slowly growing from the loss of your mom, but you may have been too busy with life to know what was happening? The best way forward for you is to go and see a COUNSELLOR. Make sure it is the right one for you. Keep trying till you find the one that is helping you move forward. You will find within a short time how much better you are feeling. The longer one leaves their grief/depression the more sessions one needs. Better to do this as soon as possible. You won't regret this and you will start to move forward better. You will never go back to feeling this bad again. You will be FREE in your spirit. You will miss your mom in a different way that won't inhibit your life or stop you living. Don't miss out on life. Do something positive about this so the quality of your life is better. No one needs to suffer this misery. I did the counselling for myself and can speak from experience. IT DOES WORK!!!! 16yrs. is too long for you to continue feeling the way you are. You shouldn't be living in silence or shutting yourself away from the world and people. You will get your life back. And you will get it back in such a way that you will be HAPPY. You will be able to bring a new quality to your life that will make it better for you and others around you. You will draw people towards you and not make them avoid you. Do it for yourself. You won't regret this. I suffered depression all my life. At the age of 40yrs. and with 3 children and a husband I took myself into counselling. because of the length of time. I spent over 4yrs. there. I got my life back in ways I didn't dream of. I lived for the first time at 40yrs. I was then able to develop skills that benefitted my family and everyone I came in contact with. They benefited greatly. Best investment in Better Mental Health I ever made. You can do it. You can get your life back on track. Best wishes.

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