Depression taking over my life.

9/27/13 will be 1year since my divorce was final.Im still greiving and very depressed,my Ex-husband has been with multiple partners since and has moved on very quickly. i do pray everyday that god answers my prayers and helps me move on and make peace with this in my heart but it has been very difficult he was my first love and have been with him for 20 years so for me to move on has been difficult. I do feel like dying and find myself always saying life is not worth living for anymore there is too much anger and hurt in my heart and i feel like this will never go away and i find myself waking up crying looking out my window at 3am and asking god to please help me. this December will be 3 years that we have been apart and i dont know if and when its ever going ot get any easier very sad very lonely I longing to feel happy again.I was in denial for a long time thinking maybe we would get back together but i know that is not going to happen.This is very painful just like grieving a death.

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Sep 28, 2013
Depression takin over my life
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of your marriage of 20yrs. to the only man you loved. This is a hard battle for you to go through but I am so happy you call out to God. He is our only hope. You could do nothing about what happened to you. This was your husband's choice. Do you really want to be with a man who has chosen to go with multiple partners??.
Marriages are not surviving well these days and there are so many temptations around. Even Christian marriages are threatened all the time. There is no easy answer. Even if you do all the right things for the right reasons it could all go against you. But at least you can hold your head up and say YOU DID YOUR BEST. You will grieve this loss as if it were a death because it is the death of a marriage. It is hard going on alone. Let God in fully to carry this heavy burden and let him guide you each day. TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME. Do what you need to do for that day and don't look too far ahead to years on your own.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer 16 months ago and I never thought I would lose him at the prime of our lives when he would retire. Now I have to go on alone and structure my life in a different way. I am beginning to find an acceptance of my situation and making the most of each day as best as I can. One thing I did discover is FREEDOM. I still had this and I could structure my day however I wanted. Being married I had never been aware of Freedom. It was never an option or something I wanted or desired. I was happy as most women. Trying to please a husband and family and put everyone first was my greatest pleasure. It gave me such happiness. I then discovered my Freedom and I value this as a Gift. NURTURING oneself is so important. I did this for myself for at least 6 months after my husband died. This way I built myself up. Then I discovered this gift of freedom and it feels as if something was given back to me for my loss. Hold on to little things that bring you comfort. Do good things for yourself each day and build on this. You will be amazed at how good you feel about yourself and life. This will be the foundation for the beginning of starting to put yourself back together again and value yourself and your future. You get to decide this. Make it work to your best advantage. Don't waste another moment. Make the loneliness go away by structuring your life to be the best you can make it. Best wishes.

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