Devastated beyond belief, How can this happen to such a good person.

by Em
(Waterbury, Ct. America)

I am a 22 year old girl and I recently lost my boyfriend of 6 years whom I dated from freshman year of high school. he was my 1st and only boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend as well. We broke up 3 months ago and He completely went cold turkey on me. He blocked my facebook, and many of my friends and had a calling restriction on me. The last words we said to each other were 3 months ago and I never heard from him since. He is a smart guy who graduated from college with a degree in music and sound recording and was planning on making his band his future career/ be famous. The band was his first priority and I was simply not. He says this because I put nursing school as my first priority which led him to put his band as his. This just didn't make sense to me, i couldnt accept how such a smart person could make this mistake and lose me at the same time. He always told me he loved me and the past 3 times we broke up, he always came back to me, but has not this time. I dont know why I would even want someone like this back. Alls I wanted was assurance that we could both be financially stable & also have assurance we would be together forever, hence the fact that we were dating so long, & I put my absolute EVERYTHING into making this relationship work. I almost feel as if I was being used as a doormat, someone who was just put aside while not being a priority. I am a stunningly beautiful girl with alot of love to offer and I am also graduating nursing school in 4 months. I also wanted to know that our relationship was going to work in the future & I didnt want to be wasting my time but he would never give me that assurance. I miss him STILL to this day 3 months later and I simply do not understand how he could cut me from his life completely like that, as well as not even thinking about me. What is going on through his head and when will he realize that he lost a great thing.

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