didnt appreciate her

I married Romona after a horrible breakup. She filled a void but I never was attracted to her physically. We did simple things together. We even separated. But we got back together and then she got heart problems. She was doing OK after surgery but then she died. I never knew that she was my true love and now its too late. I want to be with her now and forever.

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May 02, 2013
Thank you and god bless
by: Anonymous

Funny how I am on this blog searching for something that makes sense. I lost my love of 17 years to cancer 5 years ago. We had a wonderful, passionate amazing relationship. A month later my Dad died and a year after that...my best friend died in a freak medical accident. My partner, she could be impossible at times...but that was it. I knew we'd be together forever. She left for heaven and I thought I would die. I didn't but the grief was intense.

Two years ago, my first love in college...30 years came back. Said I was the love of her life....that she made a big mistake leaving.....We had one of those passionate flings that reunited flames that were intense. I thought my world complete. That all the pain lead me back to where I started. I was happy.

She left as stupidly and as blindly as the first time when we were 20. 30 years after the first time. I said I'd never date again....my emotions too raw and I was too abandoned and exhausted. The ride was too up and then too down. It felt crazy.....I was crazy for her....my love of 30 years ago. I vowed to never love that way again.

Friends were bugging me....filled out a match account and I met my soul mate. On every level...except the physical....we are a match made in heaven. I love her.....she is wonderful. She is a companion....I could live out my years with her. I want passion....but I'm afraid. I never want to hurt as much as I did the at the loss of my partner and of my first love.

I also, don't want to live so much in the past I fear the present. I'm overwhelmed.....

I guess that is is.....living in the present. If something happened to her I know that it would hurt and that I would regret not live every moment in the present and going for the love that is so available. May God bless you in your grief....may you find love again. May I be present and in love......and never regret a moment.

Apr 12, 2013
my true love now its too late
by: Anonymous

My husband proposed to me in 2005 and i rejected him and left him.....then We got back together october 2011 and got married march 2012. Then he got heart problem and died in early 2013. I realized he was my true love and wanted to be with him forever. Now its too late...i wish i married him 8 years ago when he first proposed. I miss him so much...and love him so much. Its so painful to lose someone you love........

Apr 12, 2013
didn't appreciate her
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss. You started out with a friendship that did not materialise the way you wanted this to do. But since this lady has died it has sparked off feelings in you that you did not realise at the time. It is too late now and you cannot let this lady know.
In life this happens a lot. We can be friends with someone and forge out a good relationship and then move on only to come back with a difference in us that you cannot now fulfil.
All you can do now is to grieve this loss with perhaps the help of a grief counsellor who will help you to move on in life.
Look at the benefit of what you both were to each other. You provided companionship to each other and you can have this forever. Once this loss has been grieved you will be able to move on with your life and find Love again that will perhaps be different. A lot has to do with MATURITY. Often we are not mature enough to know if this is True love or not. Once the person has left us then we find things were different.
We can all go on in life to not appreciate what we have till we have lost it. This is a harsh reality of life. It is what we learn from our experiences that will help us to grow and build stronger relationships.

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