Didnt say goodbye

by Sad Gril

She was the favorite person for me in the whole wide world.
When we grew up in war, she would let me sneak into her room and cuddle me so sleep..she always made me safe...but then they had to run away from that country ..... although we lived apart we kept in touch....I moved to the same continent and visited them once a year or so...she got older and older...lost her son to an accident and then her daughter to cancer.....she had a really hard life and could barely speak English much, but her church group took care of her as much as they could...none of us could get to her due to visa restrictions and all and she passed so unexpectedly yesterday....out family is scattered around the globe and only a couple of people are down to bury her tomorrow...I am sad she had to die in exile and away from all her loved ones and relates and families...and i am sorry I didnt get to her on time or didnt spend more time with her instead of being afraid to loose my stupid job....my whole world feels so different without her....i cannot believe she is gone...i am screaming is silent....and my heart is shattered...

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Jul 29, 2014
Didn't say goodbye
by: Doreen UK

Sad Your story touched my heart almost like a love story which caused so much pain and separation due to war and conflict. living in part of the world where so much conflict is opens up our world in the West to what many people go through in suffering each day just to live. This poor woman who sounded so alone losing both her children. Hopefully with you as a close friend and her Church Group, this love sustained her through her difficult life. Despite being in exile she would have developed the strength and tenacity to accept her lot in life and adapt to her circumstances whether she liked this or not. We live in a world full of turmoil, and conflict in certain parts of the world and a story like yours just puts everything into perspective that we in the West are Blessed. WE can somehow cope with our life better had we not had the freedom we have.
Many people need a job to earn a living in order to pay for a roof over their heads and to eat. It is so unfortunate that your job interfered with what you wanted to do in spending more time with someone you loved and respected. You couldn't have compromised with your job otherwise you would have lost this job and jeopardised your way of life and living. Often one just has to do what they need to do to get by in life. FOCUS on those moments that mattered and the time you did spend with this lady who will be laid to rest tomorrow. I hope that upon reflection you will still feel an inner glow mingled with your grief and that the day will go well as you all honour this lady who made an impact on many lives, including the children she lost. I am sorry for your loss.

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