Died in her sleep age 27

by Scott

My wife of 10 years died of a ruptured stomach ulcer. she died under 24hours of feeling stomach pain. She was 27 years old and we have two young children age 4 and 8. she died on the 29/5/2012. I'm aged 32, have a home loan and other debts, and i know its only been 5 weeks but its getting worse every day. I feel so sad that my stay at home wife/mum is not there anymore to bring our 2 kids up the way we wanted, instead i have there nanna and grandad doing the day shift, i love the help and there support but its not her. I don't know how people can move on from such a tragedy, is there hope that i will love again?. yes maybe. But i will never find Kendall again i love her so much and its not fair that shes gone....

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Oct 15, 2012
so sad
by: scott

so sorry to here that luigi.its now been 4 months 2 weeks for me and i have now come to a point that is more bearable to face the world, i have started to look after my gardens again and the kids are doing well at school again, so i know that in time thing will and are getting better so stay strong my friend and stay calm and it will become easier at some point in this horrible nightmare

Oct 07, 2012
I here you
by: Luigi

My 35 year young wife died in her sleep on Sept 20th 2012.. The medical report is inconclusive until further testing.. Apparently a heart complication.. I had just returned from Mexico from an injury following a work tour... We were doing well, planning more kids, buying a new car.. Now she is dead and suddenly, no more career and I become a stay at home dad.. Mother and cousins will be here to help but it will never be the same.. Katy was an awesome mom to our daughter Marina (five)... Can't believe what has happened.. This is the ultimate "curve ball" of life... I really understand my friend.. Life has changed in such an unexpected way that we must just surrender and accept what it is...or go nuts resisting what has happened.. Crazy but true.. Sincere Regards Luigi USA

Jul 10, 2012
by: scott

thankyou for your comments and thoughts it was very nice to read it gives me hope knowing that people can move on

Jul 03, 2012
Died in her sleep age 27
by: Doreen U.K.

Scott I am so sorry for the loss of your wife age 27yrs. You must be devastated. You will be feeling numb and feeling like a zombie. Not knowing which way to turn. Life is so cruel. To take one so young and you have 2 young children to look after. Know that you are not alone and that you need support from this group as we are all feeling the same pain of grief. You need to find outside support to help you at this difficult time. Try bereavement counselling to just take the edge of the grief and allow you to feel better for now. Grief is painfull and lasts a long time and we are all suffering. But you need to be able to manage as you are in a difficult place right now also trying to bring up 2 children. Of course you loved your wife and miss her and also need her now. Just like I need my husband Steve who died 7 weeks ago of lung cancer caused by working with asbestos. A cruel illness that lasted 3yrs.39days. I was his caregiver and watched him die a slow painfull death. You will like us not feel like going on in life. You will be so sorrowfull as if you have been knocked down by a bus and can't get up. It is supposed to get better. But it is an individual thing of how long grief lasts for any of us. The first few weeks are the worst as you feel as if you are bleeding to death. Scott we are never prepared for death ever. It surprises us by the suddeness of this as in your case. You weren't prepared for this loss of your wife. I am glad you have the support of the childrens grandparents to help you in your tragic loss. Take all the support you can as you need it. I have good support otherwise I would crumble into pieces. I feel hurt all the time. I miss my husband. We were married 44years. He is gone forever. It isn't fair. Suffering is so painfull. Death is cruel and yet we are all facing this one day. Scott I hope you find Peace. Take one day at a time. Moment by moment do what you can. don't overstretch yourself. You need to be in a frame of mind to cope. Just take care of yourself and don't look too far ahead. I don't want to find love again at my age of 64yrs. in 4 weeks. But you are young. like my cousin when he lost his wife and had 2 young children. It was hard for him. he is with someone else. But it takes time. don't focus too hard. Just take it slowly. I hope you feel better soon and will be able to move forward a bit better till the clouds move out of your way. Best wishes.

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