Divorce and abortion

by Carter
(Boss city)

Im carter im 24 years old and well taken care of thank God.My wife left a year ago, i deserved it. Over the months of loneliness I finally found a girl I could be passionate about, before long we found ourselves pregnant. i do believe she loved me at that time. We discussed that she is 30 with 3 children and I have one ( both just went through bad divorces)So we agreed it was the best thing for them was to use the ru486. That was two months ago now we are back in the same position again and she's talking abortion again. i love this woman with all my heart a select few ppl in my family can cut me so deeply and still have my love. I love hangin out with our kids more than goin out. ( she'd rather go out with her friends) I have dreamed my whole life of having a large family. And i truly believe that i found them. My girl is the most interesting woman I've ever met and drop dead gorgeous, unfortunately she keeps saying she doesn't kno how to love me anymore. I'd so do anything to win it back but idk...maybe she doesn't trust men, at least i admit i have trust issues.the point is that if i lose another offspring like that again I'm goin off the deep end and probably become an anti abortion activist. This will be her third time if she follows through. It still doesn't stop me from loving her, I want her love back and can't do anything to change her heart. Regardless I just want this child to live! If I could carry it myself I would. Prayers and encouragement is greatly needed.

P.S. if u do pray for us our initials are C.M. & L.M.

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Nov 26, 2012
by: Anonymous


It pains me to hear folks expressing their political opinions on abortion to you as you are going through this heartbreak. I send support and unconditional love to you in your time of need. If you can spend quiet time alone, you will receive the answers you have inside you. Thank you for sharing your story. Be well.

Nov 22, 2012
by: AMP

You are right in not wanting to participate in an abortion. Stay strong. Ask for forgiveness in your complicity in the previous one. A life is a life. Even if you do not want your child, there are plenty of other people who would be happy to welcome your child into their lives. My nephew and niece were both adopted. Agreeing to an abortion drives the two of you further apart as well as injures both your souls. Regardless of how amazing this woman is in many ways, are you ready to change your views and be with someone who treats the life of a child so callously?

Nov 17, 2012
I left out some details...
by: Cm

I was drunk when I wrote that and even so it's it's take forever to explain everything, trust that my heart is in the right place as well as my judgement in this situation, thanks for sharing :)

Nov 17, 2012
U r right we r selfish
by: CM

In response to "selfish" I couldn't agree more but we are perfectly able to take on another child, I needed to vent, thanks for the comment

Nov 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

Perhaps you should both practice safe sex instead of casually ending a life. In fact based on your letter I don't think either of you should bring anymore children into the world as you are both obviously too selfish and irresponsible

Nov 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

Carter, I will pray for you.

I'm afraid your feelings are misplaced. You're willing to overlook a lot because of her beauty. You need to pratice safe sex. Put a cap on it until you find the right woman and marry her. I'm sure you can find a God loving woman one day who will not kill your babies.

You are so young and need to give yourself time to look for the right lady who may not be drop dead georgeous but only pretty and have a good heart.

She needs to stop using abortion as a form of birthcontrol. It is wrong. She already has 3 kids and doesn't need anymore.

I hope you can ask yourself some serious questions about this relationship and see that it will go nowhere. Can you afford all those babies you want?
I pray all of this helps you think more clearly.

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