Do you Believe in Psychics?

by Steffy
(Phoenix, Arizona)

I recently spoke to a few psychics,

Alittle background,
My husband was Murdered Jan 16 2012;
I was 7 months pregnant with our first child.
Cody was 21 years old.
He has 1 brother and 2 sisters.

I spoke to a psychic because I hit my lowest low.
I am in so much pain, all i want is to know if my beautiful Cody is ok.

The Psychic told me things only Cody would know,
She brought up names, his fathers name his brothers name, friends names. She brought up his mothers date of birth.

She even told me my sons name.

She told me Cody is ok, That he is in a good place,
things I needed to hear.

She told me to continue on with all the plans we made, that he wants me to take all the trips we planned.

She was right about so many things, so why am I still not satisfied.
I wish I could find an even better Medium, someone who can tell me more.

if anyone believes and knows a good medium please let me know, my grief is eating me up, I need to know more, I miss cody and I can not let go.

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Apr 27, 2012
by: Zoe

Let me start by saying I have run up and down every aisle in the thing this grief. So has everyone here. No one is judging you. Grief is so... individual.. that in order to share to reach out we do it from our own experiences.
I have flat out said my faith is gone, but yet there are people here who reply to me like the loving Mary, who alway say they will pray for me, and speak from a point of view of faith.
The woman you were before Cody was taken is gone. Somehow, through all of this pain, you will form a new woman. She will be a mother, and father if necessary, and she will carry Cody in her heart.
I believed in the afterlife, that is why I went to a psychic... I don't know. But never think people here judge you, that is the thing we do not do here. They are merely offering different paths to be taken to find some level of functionality. (is that a word?)
It has been my observation that people hold fast to their faith or have to redefine what their faith is.
There is no wrong way to grieve. So do not feel judged, we embrace you. You are one of us in this family family of loss.
Know you can always come here, and we will listen and we will reach out.
Many of us do it passionately, because we want to help. but noone here wants to cause you more pain, and there is no judgment.
there is just an understanding of a loss that most can not imagine.

One breath one step, one day at a time, together

Apr 22, 2012
Yes, there is an afterlife
by: A mom

Steffy, no one will judge you. I myself believe in the medium's ability. I have spoken to my son who passed on 5/5/11 in a motorcycle accident. Not actually spoke to him but heard from him through the medium. She told his sister, his fiance & myself only things he would have known & no one else. Each of us was told different things that would pertain to only us. Only he would know these things. I do believe our loved ones see us & know what we are thinking & doing everyday. Just know that he will watch your son grow up & always be in your heart...

Apr 22, 2012
I know there is a god,
by: steffy

But I dont understand why things happen.
Praying has not gotten me answers.

I think that since there are psychics, god is ok with them. God gave them that talent after all.

I found some peace in talking to a psychic, she told me things only my husband would know and remember.

sometimes out of desperation we do crazy things, I dont regret talking to the medium, it made me feel like Cody was still alive out there, like cody would be waiting,

She even told me that before our baby was born cody met him in spirit, Id like to believe that since cody was killed when I was 7 months pregnant.

I also wish more people were vocal about these things, if there is someone out there who can tell me about cody then Id like to hear it.

Cody doesnt come in my dreams, the only way to have a connection is through a medium and its a rush its a complete feeling when I heard all the things he had to say, I know those words came from him.

I love Cody and miss him, he was taken too soon, too young leaving alot behind, but I still live for him because I have to raise our newborn. I find myself crying and screaming alot, very little brings me peace but the psychic helped.

do not judge me for talking to a psychic, it helps me understand death alittle better.

Apr 21, 2012
I believe that there is something beyond our knowledge
by: Anonymous

I find myself very interested in the afterlife. Before Paul died ghosts and spirits were just something interesting that I watched on the travel channel on Friday nights. I was in downtown Fredericksburg in the historic part of town once again traveling to try and make my life more complete or trying to fill that void, that want that need that can not be filled but my little adventures sure do help me LIVE the life as it is intended.

My son and I passed a psychic and I was curious. I did not stop in for a cold reading. One where I would give no information or body language for the reader to play me with. I did not go in but have become interested in a way for ADC's to happen.

I am interested at this time in trying meditation. I have never done so before and am unsure how to begin. I would like to get through the occasional gray days better. Gray days in which I just do not give a damn and want to get everyone to leave me alone. I talk very little on those days which in unusual.

Thankfully they do not come often. Another reason that I would like to try meditation is to possibly find out if Paul is indeed ringing the door bell. Perhaps recorders or EVP's. I have not done so yet because I certainly do not want the "dark side" the icky spirits to visit me.

I know something is out there, something that we cannot see or hear but can sense. I do feel on occasion that Paul is watching over me. I do talk back at him, crazy or not just a simple I Love You...I Miss You.

I wish there was more discussion about this on this site. I guess it steps on too many toes. I know that I am open to such things and they are not just simple coincidences. Our Loved ones DO try to give us signs that they are o.k and that they continue to watch over us.

Apr 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have found great relief from meditation, which I never had done before.
It helps me focus inwards, and see "me" my soul.
When you become in touch with your soul you realize our bodies are just carrying us in this life. When our bodies are broken our souls return home. That is where Cody is and where we all will go.
Listen to peaceful music alone and meditate. You will find strength within you, I have.
We are all connected through our souls not our bodies. "Love" can't be broken, it continues.
Please try Meditation, it truly helps.
It's all about "love" that's all that matters when we lose someone. But the "LOVE" CONTINUES.
I hope you try this, there is love, peace and answers with in you.
You don't need to pay someone to find this and you don't need to go to church.
Sending you lots and lots of "LOVE".x

Apr 20, 2012
Love is eternal
by: Angels Laird

Darling Steffi, you are so brave and strong and your son will be so proud of you when he is older and realises what suffering you endured at this difficult time. Love is the eternal focrce that trancends time and space. It is an energy flow between souls, not between bodies. Our bodies are mere vessels. Love doesn't die just because a person does. My mother died three years ago and I still hear her words ringing in my head. She is imprinted on my soul for eternity and lives on through the words that I remember she said. She was also an irish catholic and she shunned psychics. You don't need a psychic to know that love is eternal and endures. The comfort and the words you need to soothe you will find in yourself at quiet moments. You will see your husband in the eyes of your child, when the sun hits them in a certain way. You will hear his words whispering to you, encouraging you on.He will send you love for the bravery and courage you have shown. He will always be with you, in the soul of your child. My mother believed that the universe doesn't make mistakes and that eventually, the reason for it all becomes clear. Whatever comfort you can draw from a psychic, or from a website, or from staying in bed for a day, will slowly heal and restore you. Your spirit is indomitable, your radience is clear for all to see. You don't know how strong you are and you are well on the way to recovery. The love you have for your husband will motivate and inspire you to achieve amazing things in his memory in the future. You are lucky to have the capacity for great love, that not everyone has. This great love you are capable of, is clear from your words. You are amazing. 'And so may a slow wind, work these words of love around you, and invisible rainbow cloak to mind your life' irish blessing. Love, lite and respect. Xxx

Apr 20, 2012
Thank you everyone
by: Steffy

This pain is horrible,
I just want to hear cody again,
I want to know he lives on even though I cannot see him anymore.

Imiss him so much,
Everytime I look at our son I see Cody and its very bitter sweet.

Life is so different now, I had to sell my house and move in with Codys dad. Im scared so scared of the future,

My parents keep telling me ill find peace someday and move on, that I will not be alone forever,

I know I am only 20 but cody was my everything I dont want to move on someday, I dont want another man in his place but I dont want to be alone either.

This hurts so bad I miss and Love cody so much

Apr 20, 2012
The Ultimate Psychic
by: Anonymous

Steffy, you're obviously not really reading what we have been writing to you. Instead of listening to us who have gone down this awful grief path you decide to go to a psychic. There is only one true ultimate Psychic and that is God.
If I wanted to play a Psychic I'd google all the info I could about you and Cody and tell you what you want to know. In your grief you will reach out to feel closer to Cody but you will come up empty as you found out. God has taken him and will take care of him and will, in time, send you dreams of him.
Please re-read all the caring responses we have sent you and really understand what we have said.
It's hard to accept he is gone. None of us could accept our loss at first either, no matter how they were taken from us. God is trying to help you through our replies to you. You're trying to make sense out of it all and there isn't any because of how he a sense act of violence.
Your only recourse is to grieve as you must and love and care for your baby as you know Cody would want you to.

Apr 20, 2012
Walking the path
by: Zoe

I want to my first psychic a month after John died. They made a recording that one of my friends listened to. She said that she was using clues I gave her. She said she was not being a fraud so much as my pain was so great you could feel it. I went to another one, she went with me. She said if I needed to do this she was going w me. The se nod one gave me validation she could not know. I was told he was at peece and he loved me. But he would not tell me why, why did this happen... I guess at this point I have gathered that some things we don't get to know.
I wanted to touch him one more time ... If you read through the comments here you will see things we call Godwinks.
For Hope it is a door bell that rings when it stopped working before her Paul died, for me I wake up at 3:00am with my German Shepherd at attention staring at a place by my bed, or roses where there were none... Are they real we can't all be wrong.
He is with you and your son. He loves you and your son
But we don't get why.
And I know you don't want to hear that it gets better. I do not think better is a good word. I will carry the grief until I pass. But you do learn to live in this new reality. And one day you will find your lips pulling in an unfamiliar position, a smile. I felt like a traitor when I smiled. But you are not. I can tell you from two years out, you are not going to lose him, the memories do not fade, you will not forget his voice or his touch. Your reality is going to be forever different. But he will always be with you.

And when it seems over powering
Remember one breath, one step, one day at a time

Apr 20, 2012
Yes, there is an afterlife
by: A mom

Yes, I do believe in the afterlife. I have to, to make it easier. My son passed in a motorcycle accident last year. 5/5/11. He has come to his sister & fiance in dreams. Went to a medium & she also confirmed alot of things that only he would know. They are with us every day, There are times that I can feel his presence. Just believe that he is still with you & will watch his child grow up. There are alot of books out there to read. Sylvia Browne & James Von Praagh are very good. My heart goes out to you.

Apr 19, 2012
i will pray for you
by: Cathy

Hi Steffi ,My dear child this is angel Brandon's mom, my son got a heart attack and left me left 6 months ago, he was 21 now on April 16th he became 22. I don't have words to comfort you, what a situation to be in at such a young age and responsibilities too, you are like my daughter and i would never wish such a thing to happen one so young, your grief is just too much for your age to handle, i hope you stay with your parents at least they will look after you child. My prayers and blessings to you

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