by unpredictable 1
(cleve hts)

I am currently in a long overdue relationship with someone who ignores me ,mentally,physically,and emotionally and I feel lost, lonely angry and overwhelmed .he never takes me anywhere looks at me in disgust and I do the same he ignores me as if I'm not there the only thing he does is grab me when another guy looks or care he always has too hang around his family which resembles hills have eyes and his sister is a 30yr old nobody bad person too hang around he's a drunk that lies habitually and when I try to leave somehow he's back into my life trying too drain me more. I don't want him he was a move out of desperation and loneliness and I've been feeling that way for yrs I want to get out so bad I hate him I'm so tired and can't figure away to leave I lose everything and he never helps just always looking for a hand out so tired of his Bs . he's been cheating five yrs including weeks he would be no where to be found I'm so vulnerable confused and sad. I wish I never met him . How am I going too mend myself I'm broken and missing myself I've lived for him and now I want my own he uses me for things he can't afford and I'm tired I just want love real love

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Oct 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have been married for 32 years we was so in love , but after about 12 months the pushing started and then the slaps always in drink , and I was told we was fighting it was not just him hitting me , even though the force he kicked me out of bed broke my arm , the slaps across the face was about 6 each side and left me with black eyes and bruised face also something wrong with my Jaw but once again I was fighting him because when he had me over the back of the chair with his hands round my neck , I shouldn't of tried to get him off me . For the last 10 years it as stopped but so as the sex , he tells me he does not fancy me thinks of me like a sister , he as now started DJai and doing Karaoke again and is really good everyone loves him but at home he just sleeps all day apart from cleaning a office 2 hrs a day I run a business as our bills are over 1,000 a week so have all the stress. From this . I have git to 60 and think we are at breaking point I want someone who holds my hand gives me a peck to show they love me I

Oct 14, 2013
by: Judith in California

PLEASE LISTEN TO DOREEN. YOU WANT REAL LOVE? THEN begin to LOVE YOURSELF and to GET OUT NOW. He is a controlling sociopath. Go to a Shelter for abused women. They will help you make your exit. OR call the police, get a restraining order and change the locks on your house. Ask them for help. Become strong and independant.

You can not be forced to stay with anyone. YOu made yourself a prisoner now make yourself free. JUST UP and LEAVE.

I hope we read soon that you have chosen to be happy by yourself.

Oct 14, 2013
by: Doreen UK

Dear Unpredictable. You have given so many reasons why you don't want to be with this man. I am sure you must have some member of your family on your side to support you so that you can LEAVE THIS MAN. He is using you and you say you don't like it. STOP BEING USED. Don't ENABLE him anymore or HIS HABIT to use you for his own purposes. He is using scare tactics to keep you supporting him. FIND A WAY TO BREAK FREE! You can do it. You are afraid because you are all alone. You sound as if you have no one to support you in leaving him. He knows this which is why he is using psychological tactics to get you to stay and ending up feeling guilty.
You are UNHAPPY. You don't want him in your life.
He is using you and you don't like it. He is manipulating you and using scare tactics against you. What part of any of this is impossible to WALK AWAY FROM. He cannot keep you against your Will. He cannot keep you a prisoner. You are FREE as an individual. You just need other people on your side to help you to break free. Ignore any threats from him. This is cowards talk to get you to stay and meet HIS NEEDS, whilst YOUR NEEDS are not being met.
So first thing to do IS TELL SOMEONE what is going on and how you can get out of this situation because you need support and Help to do this. Whatever happens. DON'T BE AFRAID. It may be that FEAR is also keeping you there. You just need ENCOURAGEMENT to BREAK FREE. DO IT SOON. DON'T WASTE MORE TIME, and Don't waste any more of your Life. Get counselling if you have to so you understand why you have put up with this situation so long, and to help build up your Self esteem which has been stripped from you. You will become stronger in the places you are weak in now and you will not attract another situation like this one. You need counselling in order to help you to make better CHOICES. Write back with an update which I hope says. I HAVE LEFT HIM.

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