by Rita

I have lost so many these last few years it just, i guess that is how i sum it up "it just". I have had recurring dreams over and over that my love ones did not pass they are still alive. I then wonder how to tell everyone they did not die. I ask them how can you be here? So am i going crazy or does anyone else have this problem? It is so real sometimes and I seem to dream it more and more. I guess I want a yes so that I know it is normal.

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Nov 21, 2011
Embrace the Dreams
by: Jewel

It's normal. My dreams are so real I wonder when I wake up if they are looking for me on the other side wondering where I went.

Sep 09, 2011
by: Rita

I just was not sure what to make of it and still wonder. I am pushing through or so i thought. The dreams they repeat all with the same theme. They are not dead and how do i tell everyone it didnt really happen.

Sep 08, 2011
by: M Mack

I believe what you say that they live among us. I've had a few dreams, many signs from my soulmate trying to explain his departing. It was painful at first until one night he came to me in a dream. He walked up to me, looked in my eyes and kissed me. I wanted this kiss to last longer but he pulled away. He never spoke from his lips but sent me a message as he walked away, I never meant to hurt you. I was in shock as this occurred and when I woke I immediately knew this dream was for real. Since he manifested hImself in this dream I feel closer to him and even though I can't have him in life, I know we will be together again In eternity. Read about the afterlife, clairvoyants who tell us what they are told by the ones that left us.

There's nothing wrong with you by thinking the are with us, I believe the same. Also I do not tell everyone about this for the same reasons you are asking if there's something wrong with you. The world in general is not ready to believe that concept or that there is another plane we co-exist in. Regardless, I know what I know and it doesn't matter. My love has given me a sence if peace, closure that I needed to have in order to exist. He knew I needed this because we loved each other and I was so weak over his passing.

Finally, it's ok to believe in the afterlife, but always remember what life you are in. You are here, on this plane of the living. You cannot go where they are right now so you must continue as the one left behind in the here and now. God bless you as you are one who sees beyond limits if most. I hope you find your peace and serenity as I did through my wonderful dream.

Sep 07, 2011
Sweet Dreams.........
by: TrishJ

You're NOT going crazy. I believe in dreams as I do the after life. I too, like Hope, am still waiting for a dream. I have not had one 15 second dream about my husband since he passed 9 months ago. I pray for dreams. I'm told that I just have to open my mind up more and the dreams will come. I just want to be able to see him one more time if only in a dream. I still have his cell phone with his recorded message on it. When I'm really feeling blue I play it~then cry for two hours. I have his picture as my screen saver on my lap top. I just want to see him move in my mind.

God Bless and Happy Dreams!!

Sep 07, 2011
to dream of what was...Ahhhhh yes
by: Anonymous


I would Love to have a dream of My Loved One. I am heading toward to 2 year mark in 3 months and have yet to have one. I will admit that I am envious. I only drempt one dream and it was of a nightmare quality I was his nurse and unable to save him.

I would Love to dream of him

Dream of his smile

And that nasty grin that he had.

That went with the infectious laugh.

He wouldn't have to talk to me

Just let me see him one more time if only in my dreams.

Him giving me a last kiss would send me to the moon with giddiness.

I know he is gone and now this is my life. But it would be the ultimate to see him in my dreams. I might wake laughing I might wake crying but I would wake however with an inkling of what was and what I miss still...

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