by Eba

My youngest son died on the 21/2/2011'by the age of 26, how ever I miss him so much and thinking of nothing but him ,Why coz he has a heart of gold never hates anyone but him self ,he OD heroin,I wanted to end up my life took many many Xanax ,and my other son and 2 daughters and my 2 sisters took me to the hospital ,,my other son is very straight young man ,we talked today and he said mom my brother had died but we r hear and we need you,my husband loves me so much my all family do to,so how can I help my self not to OD again ,pls help

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Nov 29, 2012
I Know Your Pain
by: Robin

Hello Eba, I am so sorry about the passing of your son at such a young and tender age of 26. I know your pain my nephew was murdered at the age of 26 two years ago and at time I still feel like I am falling in a dark hole. Drugs are not going to help believe me I have tried them. Your pain will be there when the high is over. Please try just talking to you son. I talk to Rashawn all the time. Although he is gone in person your son still lives in your heart. Don't destroy your life give yourself a break I am sure once your son sees you trying to help yourself he will then be able to rest in peace. I pray that you find the help you need...your life is worth living please don't give up on yourself Eba

Nov 25, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

Eba I am sorry for your loss of your son to a heroin overdose. This was a bad CHOICE he made that ended his life and cause misery for his family.
Your Son is right. YOu still have family left. They need you. Your husband loves you. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING OF! It is the worst pain for a mother to lose a child/Adult child. But go and see a counsellor and talk to them. they are skilled to support you in your pain. Many people have been helped this way. Did your son do the right thing by ending his life with a heroin overdose? Did He? Then Why do you want to follow him in doing the same thing. Your son may have wanted to end his Pain. You are wanting to end your Pain by OD. What if your other son and 2 daughters, husband, and 2 sisters who took you to the hospital said WE will end out lives also? What would you say? WAKE UP EBA! This is not the answer. You are not wrong to feel like this? You are wrong to do it. All of us feel like ending our lives when we lose a loved one. It is hard to fight these feelings but we have to fight to LIVE.
I was married 44yrs. My husband worked with asbestos and got a deadly cancer. He died a slow and painfull death. HE WANTED TO LIVE! It hurt him to know he was going to die. It hurts me now he died 6 months ago. I don't want to live without him, but I have to. So many people are fighting cancer and want to live. Many people live and want to end their lives. Where is the balance. I hope you do the right thing and go see a counsellor. IT DOES WORK. The answer is not to die now. But to live for your family that is left. FOCUS on this. Keep the right FOCUS and you will end up doing the right thing.

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