by Ronnie
(Houston, Tx.)

A few years ago my mother died on 9/11 in the hospital in Baton Rouge ,La. Three years ago my little brother Rickey drank himself to death as he was an alcoholic like me . I'm in recovery for now !This last Christmas I went home from Houston , Tx. to see my remaining family in Louisana , basically my little sister , Renee !I got a call on Jan. 27 Renee had went to bed, she was three years younger than me , I'm 60 and died of a brain anyrizm.She was my rock , the last member of my imm. family , I feel so alone , I still cry pretty much on a daily basis . I just can't figure out how or why to go on ! Just feel so lost !!!

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Aug 27, 2013
Empathy for your pain...
by: Lynne

Pain is Pain and NO ONE can take it away...no one can help.... no one can heal you....ONLY time and the Almighty God can do that....words do comfort a little, hugs help a little, and other things take our minds off of the pain a little for a short time...
My mom has said for years, "Time is the healer of all wounds', I will have to agree with her....
I just want to encourage you to let go and let God, it seems so trite to even say that, but, it does work and it will heal you... if one lets it,,,
HUGS !!!

Aug 14, 2013
by: Doreen U.K.

Ronnie I am so terrible sorry for your loss of your sister to an aneurysm. This is a sudden death and will affect grief more due to the type of death and its suddenness. There is so much going on in your family and when you think you are moving forward there is always something else that happens to throw one back down. Just don't take back to the bottle and don't let alcohol rule your life. CONGRATULATIONS! on moving into sobriety and for the difficult journey you have been on and move forward from. When we lose our loved ones and we are left alone there seems little point on going on in life. FOR WHAT? We often see little point because the people who gave our life meaning and value have gone. These are just the early days of normal grief and we all feel the same way. When you have worked through your grief you could dedicate your life to some sort of project where you help other's make a better life and you will not only find this work rewarding it will also build up your self esteem and give your life meaning and value. I lost my husband to cancer 15 months ago and when I am done with grief I will go back into voluntary work and make a difference in the lives of others. This was one of the happiest times of my life when I gave of myself to others and encouraged them and walked with them. We have to restructure our new life now and it isn't easy. We can only try. You can also find great comfort in knowing God and find a Church that you can enjoy fellowship with other people and may also find out that you have a skill you can use. You won't know till you try. I have done it and I know it works. May God comfort you in your grief and strengthen you and help you find a reason to go on living and find value and meaning again in life.

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