Entered the 2nd Anniversary of my Husbands Passing.

by Ann
(Findlay,OH USA)

Hi. Everyone. I posted A year ago.
Well here I am again. I wanted to update where I stand 2 years &13days later in in my Grieving. Well let me say this its not an easy road to lose a spouse that you truly loved! Esp when its seems like your world is falling apart.
The good thing is The Lord has been good to me even tho things has been rough in my life Im still living and Blessed
Praise the Lord! Without God things would have been worse im sure. But I'm soo Thankful that I have A Great Connection with my late Husband Daniel I have a alot of dreams of him some are sexual and some are scarey as if hes about to pass and turn blue on me but he really did turn blue on me then i wake up crying and realize its a dream it seems so real esp the sexual ones but wont get into that. And Im like why me and all. But Im soo Thankful God Gave him to me for 7 years would have been 9years I never forget the day we Married! I sometimes have the flashbacks of his passing but not as much as i used to tho. He was cremated which I didnt agree with @ first but now im glad he was cz i still have his remains. No Man can take the place of my first Husband! He passed @ the age of 35years old. I also got hit with the passing of my dad 1 month &6days later after Daniels passing but i took that alil different it didnt affect me as hard as it did my husband dont get me wrong They both were the most Important Men in my life besides the Lord! I cry about my dad @ times cz he kept the Family Together I was a daddys Girl but he was their for me to help me with Daniels passing and helped me make decitions.Their are times where I just want to sleep the time away but I have to tell myself thats not Healthy for me to do. I have a few True Friends but they dont Understand what i've gone through so its hard to talk to them about it and @ times I feel embarrassed to tell them how i feel. I take things alot more personally than ever before and asking God to help me with that and its hard to trust folks @ times esp my rest of the Family i once had, My moma
is in a Nursing Home which I dont like so all I have is my niece which lives with me and my true friends which are few. But anyhow i want to be happy again and to LOVE again, I soo much MISS Married life! I know that God has a Godly man for me somewhere he told me so I only want a Man that God has for me!Folks always tell me im too young not to be happy I will be 35 next month and lonely but i hope im making sence and not weird Am I the only one? Anyhow I like reading others stories cz its helped me alot Thanks for Reading! Hope my story helps another God Bless! Love In Christ, Ann

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