Erica...My first love..

by Michael

I was 8 yrs old when I moved into the neighborhood..Erica was 6..We always played outside together..That is when I was aloud outside.. Which was not very often..My stepfather was abusive..But as the years went by her and I would ride bikes and swim and play all kinds of games..Of all the kids in the area she was my favorite..Never thought I would have a female best friend but that is what happened :)..Then as teenagers we kinda distanced ourselves from each other for about a year..Then 1 day when I was 16 and she was 14,,I ran into her walking down the street..And our friendship blossomed all over again..At this point we began to become the best of friends all over again..We just could not wait to see each other after school. Then 1 day it happened we were sitting in her living room and I accidentally bumped into her leg..She looked at me and I looked at her..And almost immediately I had butterflies and she said so did she..As the weeks went on I fell so deeply in love with her.I can't even describe it. Her parent's did not like the relationship due to religious views. But we snuck around for 2 yrs doing everything we could to see each other and hold each other. I loved her so much. I used to sing to her all the Then finally the day came! She was turning 18.I got us a apartment and everything ready to go.. She moved in on her birthday.This was the happiest day of our lives! I took her to another city for a vacation for 1 week..When we returned it was a very cold Sunday in Febuary, The house was freezing..I am going to get to the point..I turned up the gas heater in the hallway not knowing it would give off Carbon monoxide..We went to bed..the next thing I knew I was being awoke by friends..On thursday morning..Erica had passed on Sunday, 26 yrs ago feb 7 1986..I still miss and love my sweetheart...

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Mar 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

You're words are very kind..It is looking like I will be missing her until the day I die..After all..It has been 26 yrs already..And it seems like yesterday..I love my sweetheart so much that it is even hard for me to even put it into words or explain it..I have not been the same since her death and it is not looking like I ever will be..I hope she is waiting for me..Thankyou again.. :-)

Mar 09, 2012
how great thou are
by: Anonymous

how wonderful that God had you meet Erika and as a gift gave you each other for so many years, be grateful and know Jesus loves you, it helped you thru the years in your youth.
close your eyes in a quiet corner and listen with your heart and you will séance her there, loving you.

Dec 22, 2011
Me again :)
by: Anonymous

That was the hardest thing I have ever been through..And I have been through a lot..I to this day have never known love like that..She will never know the impact she had on my life.

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