by Erika

I was betrayed by my soul mate. I forgave him but I was unable to forget. After excusing three years of adultery with three other women, he still continued to sneak around and called and text until I couldn't take the uncertainty of his faithfulness anymore. When I found out he denied that I was our daughter's mother to a woman he had been contacting. Now im heart broken. In her two years of life we got to be a family for 60 days. Its been months & im struggling in every way shape and form. On top of that im not sure how to fill the void. Everytime it rains we both cry for him. Please pray for us. I hope I made the right choice for her & not just myself. I miss him like he was my rib.Sad part is my little girl will never have a "family" with her parents in it.

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Jun 10, 2014
by: Michelle

Perhaps he was placed in your life long enough to give you your beautiful daughter. Neither of you deserve to be treated like that....
You can find love again and someone who will love your daughter like their own. For now, let your daughter know she is loved.

Jun 09, 2014
by: Doreen UK

Erika BETRAYAL is so very hard to overcome. Because you FORGAVE your partner for his 3 acts of ADULTERY He should have been REPENTANT. Only then you could have BELIEVED you had a relationship worth saving. HE BROKE YOUR HEART in the worst way possible and in a very CRUEL way that didn't make him SORRY and try to make amends. He must be a SERIAL sex addict. But he doesn't have a RELATIONSHIP, with any of these woman he uses. He doesn't deserve one. I often wonder why many women make fools out of themselves by engaging in a relationship with a serial adulterer. Wouldn't they know he would do it to them. Then I guess they don't care. They are just as bad.
Hold your head up high. You did nothing wrong. He cheated on You. Reach out to God and ask Him to Heal your broken heart. It will take time but you can REBUILD your life slowly, and get back the self esteem that has been taken from you. FOCUS on yourself for now and not on your daughter not having a father. Your daughter will need a good role model, and someone who loves (You) her mother and her as his daughter. You cannot stay with someone like this who constantly cheats on you. He destroyed the relationship and it will destroy you if you continued to have him in your life. If he ever comes back it would be unwise to take him back. He would never change unless he had a conversion experience. See a counsellor if necessary to get you over this pain. Then start slowly to re-structure your life. You could meet someone who could treat you like a person should be treated. WITH RESPECT. LOVE. TRUST. Start building yourself up each day with many good things to help love yourself back into life. I know it HURTS. He trampled all over your heart. He denied you. It is worse when you love someone so much that you would do anything for them. It is one sided. A relationship can't work like this. He will one day come back to earth with a bang. Just don't be there to pick up the pieces. DON'T FOCUS on what you have lost but WHAT YOU WILL GAIN by not having this BURDEN to carry throughout life. Go on to Amazon and get JOEL OSTEEN book's they are filled with encouragement to help pick one up when they are down. Look for ways to nurture yourself and this is one of many books from this author that will encourage you back into life. I am sorry for your loss.

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