Everyday Still Feels Like The Day You Were Taken

by Helen W.

Before The World Turned Upside Down

Before The World Turned Upside Down

On August 27, 2007 my entire world came to a screeching halt. That was the day you were killed my Son, and nothing has been the same. Here I am (4) years later and I still ask the question why, but I also ask the questions, will your killer ever be identified, caught, brought to justice, tried, convicted and sentenced to Life without the possibility of parole? All of those questions are asked every single day and every single day ends, with no answers.

Everyday I relive that vision in my head of you jumping out of your second story window to escape what only you and God knows, was transpiring behind those closed doors. I can still see your life's blood draining from your body as you sat underneath a nearby tree awaiting the emergency team to come and offer life sustaining medical care. I can still hear those words ringing in my ear when I reached the hospital that you died enroute. I never got a chance to even say goodbye and I will never be able to shake that, because it was I that welcomed you in the world, it should have been I that said 'Goodbye'. The last person you saw before taking your last breath should not have been the faces of strangers, it should have at least been someone you knew that could whisper words of Love to you. I still feel as though I failed you by not being there before you closed your eyes for the last time. I still pray that you would forgive me for not being there.

DeMorris V. Grant:
Born: July 30, 1972
Died: August 27, 2007
Buried: September 8, 2007

Every year, those (3) months have become the hardest months I've ever known, not only then, but now and Forever More.

I Love You Son, always have and always will. You will Never be Forgotten.
Love Momma (Helen W.)

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Oct 04, 2011
by: Helen

Hi Trish,
Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry to learn of your your husband's passing, please accept my condolences.

I realize that the odds of my learning who killed my Son are slim, but not at all impossible. You see I believe that when God so chooses the time for that knowledge to become available, nothing and no one will be able to stop what happens afterwards.

Yes, there are times when I do feel as though God has forgotten that I'm still waiting, but deep within my Heart I know He hasn't. My youngest brother was killed about 20 years ago, and the killer turned himself in proclaiming it was self defense. He spent (1) night in jail, and released. Can you imagine how our family felt? To fast forward, (20) years to the day he was killed, the guy that killed him died in a horrible motorcycle accident, and the bizarre thing about it was that there were no drugs or alcohol in his system, there was nothing faulty with the bike, there just was no logical explanation of why this man wrapped his bike around a utility pole.

If you were to ask me and my family, God served up justice to us even though it took (20) years, maybe he never atoned for what he did, maybe getting away with what he did prompted him to continue to do bad as opposed to good, I don't know, I only know that we rest a little bit better at night knowing that God answered our Prayers that one day we reclaim our inner Peace where my Baby Brother is concerned.

God's time is not our time, nor our time His, I had to learn the hard way how to be Patient and Never lose Hope. Will you pass that on to your Friend? Tell the family just don't lose hope or that dear sweet child will be lost forever.

God Bless you Trish and again, thank you for your kindness.


Oct 04, 2011
From Tragedy to Triumph
by: Denise Wilkins

Hello, after reading your story, I felt compelled to write you, I know your pain. I feel your suffering. I lost my son in February 27, 2010. He was 22 at the time of his death and he died a horrible death. Although he was my son, he was my friend. Out of all three of my children, he was the one who stuck close, and had so much of himself to give.

My son had a drug habit from an early age, 13, (you can read his story on the website www.justinldavisfoundation.org)

I still hear his begging me to help him, his trying to get me to know what was going on in that place. I fight with the tormenting thoughts of his horrible death but I have decided that there is only one person who would want me to live tormented my whole life and that is satan...he wants to steal, kill, and destroy any chance of my having any part of a good life from this day forward.

I enjoyed spending time with my son, and I just loved his name Justin. So I decided to keep him alive and to use his story to help other children who suffer from low self-esteem and drugs as he did. That if I can use Justin's story to change a life, that God would get the glory! I did not want my sons life to die. I don't want to put his picture in the closet and never refer to him again. He was my heart, can you just put your heart away, NO!

Yes, I still have to fight against the horrible tormenting thoughts, but I counter them with the truth, my son is no longer suffering, he is at peace...I am sure that your son is at peace as well. What can you do to turn what the enemy meant in your life for bad, to good?

Your son's life meant something, give it value. Lift your head up and let your creative juices flow. You can always call me if you need to. I love you my sister and I say, lets bring life where there is death. Put a smile on your boys face, in a small way or a large way, I know you can do it. Be Blessed! 703-459-0423 Denise

Oct 04, 2011
by: TrishJ

I am so sorry for your loss. It has to be hard not knowing who was responsible for your son's death. After my husband passed I wanted nothing more than to blame everyone involved in his care. When you have to wake up everyday not knowing exactly what happened it has be a huge cross to bear. I think in your case closure will be a long time coming ~ if ever.
I have a very good friend whose sister was involved in a suspicious drowning death. That was 20 years ago. Nobody in her family knows exactly what happened. They have all moved on with their lives and have managed to find happiness but it wasn't easy. The question remains, the whole in their heart never closes but they did manage to move forward.
If knowing that others care then you have come to the right place. We are all grieving on this site. Welcome and come here whenever you need to talk. We are great listeners. God bless.

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