Fatal Car Accident Kills the Mother of 4 children

by Lauren
(Memphis, Tennessee)

My Mom and I. I miss you so much.

My Mom and I. I miss you so much.

Losing my Mom.. It's hard not to cry even typing about it. I'll let you know a little bit of what happened.. if your interested great, if not, no worries. It was the weekend of September 9th, 2012. My mom, her partner Lea, my two twin sisters, and my little cousin Tori were in Chicago celebrating my sisters 13th birthday.I was supposed to be there that weekend to get a new car my mom had just surprised me with. Unfortunately I didn't have the funds to go.
I got the call around 5 that Sunday from my cousin Chelsea, my Aunt kara was on the phone who I never talk to .. and I could tell something was wrong.. she said "Lauren theres been an accident." Instantly, I panicked, started crying, and she told me everyone was accounted for but my mom. Lea was airlifted to the hospital, and my cousin and sisters were rushed by ambulance. Instinctively, I had hope that my Mom was alive... I called my Aunt Kelly maybe 20 minutes later and I asked her if she had seen my mom because she was at the hospital. Thats when I got the news... Sunday the 9th they were on the way home, about 45 minutes outside of Mount Pleasant... a man whose wife and 12 year old daughter were behind him following and he lost control of his truck, crossed the two yellow lines, and hit my family head on. The car rolled at least 5 times... My mother was killed on impact. The man was as well. Everyone else, suffered minor injuries except Lea. Leas entire femur was shattered, she had brain bleeding that miraculously healed itself, and internal bruising. Other than that everyone was ok.
In my entire life I have never experienced weeping, on your knees begging God to take it away, bring her back, wake you up from the nightmare.. anything please God... Since I left Michigan that summer a few years back, my Mom and I have grown closer than EVER. She was my best friend, we spoke on the phone everyday, never argued, laughed, cried, Facetimed (lol), she was like the best friend I had always had.. but never knew. She was my whole world. last July she and my sisters and lea, and my cousin Tori surprised me in my apartment here in Memphis, and redecorated my ENTIRE home top to bottom beautifully. Thats the last time I saw her, the last time I hugged her, the last time I felt the touch only a mother can give, the comfort only a mother can give, and realizing I'll never have that again.. breaks my f--king heart. excuse my french.
I came home for the funeral of course and stayed for about a month, a month I can hardly remember. Mostly because I was responsible for everything. As a "single" mother legally, her gay relationship is not recognized.. so the funeral arrangements. my decision. the death certificate..cremation.. legal stuff.. everything.. my responsibility. Down to the outfit she wore. That was the most difficult of all, having to take on all of the responsibilities of planning
I have my good days, I have more bad days, but I know one day I will see her again. I remember on the trip she was here, I asked her "There's nothing like the love from a mother is there?" She said, "No and you'll realize one day when you have kids." Words I will carry forever with me

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Feb 23, 2013
Your mom
by: Kate

I am so sorry you have to know the deep pain of grief. There is only one mother and they are so important. I'm sure Lea will be quite lost too. I lost my 39yr old son Nov 2012 and I am on the grief walk.Death is so hard to accept. We miss them so much because we loved them so much. It is hard. I lost my mom at 24 and many others in my family,my sister 3 weeks after my son.i don't know how we endure but by the grace of God we do. You can only take one day at a time,some days will be harder than others.i feel your pain as you tell your story and my heart goes out to you. We are all in this grief walk together and struggle with our losses of love together even though we don't know each other. Again,I am so sorry about your precious mom.

Feb 22, 2013
I'm Sooooooooo Sorry, Lauren
by: Connie

Believe me, I know how you feel, I too, am still grieving from the passing of my dearly beloved father - last May.

I'm not gonna lie - it isn't going to be easy. If you believe in God, your faith will help; however, there will be moments when you just start crying - of course, everything you see, smell, touch, will remind you of her & the loss, at times, will seem unbearable; however, but one thing I am sure about is that she loved you, dearly. I can tell by your post. Cry when you must, ..............take the time you need to heal, and do your best to keep pressing on - God will carry you through & you will see your mother again :-)

Feb 22, 2013
Fatal Car Accident kills the mother of 4 children
by: Doreen U.K.

Lauren there is no easy way to deal with your loss but one day at a time otherwise your grief will overwhelm you. When you have had such a shock to a sudden death it can help to have some grief counselling. It is a horrific tragedy. One never knows what is going to happen from one minute to the next. We just go through the motions every day without a thought just taking every day for granted. WE all do it. I never thought I would lose my husband before retirement. I took life for granted every day. Then suddenly a devastating cancer. 3 yrs. of struggling with the disease and caring and then 10 months ago He died. I will never be the same again. I guess none of us will be. The very atmosphere of life changes. It feels as if we are in another time zone. Even the life we have left with the rest of our family in it is changed forever. There is no easy way to go on in life. If you are young you will recover better. But you will be sad and unhappy for some time. Grief sours our spirit. We struggle to get out of it but it comes when we least expect it. Hold onto the hope of seeing your mother again. This will get you through the tough times. In time you will be able to put other things in your life to build it up again with new memories. Your memories with your mom you will have forever. It will never be the same again for any of us. Go on in life in your own time and be happy again with the family you have left.

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