Father died of esophageal cancer two years ago this weekend


My dad, Gregg Weed

My dad, Gregg Weed

When i was 6 years old, my dad married my 17 year old nanny, an immigrant from Mexico after she became pregnant. Divorced from my mom, in many ways he also became divorced from his role as father to me, and changed his life in many ways, transforming from love-in hippie artist to over-stressed businessman. His diet changed, and his MSG intake increased dramatically. His wife became pregnant by another man while he was in the hospital, and he soon loved the new baby, my new brother, as his own son, never telling him the truth about his origin. A few years later, fighting cancer, she again became pregnant with another man's baby, which he adopted legally in order for social security payments to go to his still-wife after he would soon pass. He moved to Hawaii seeking peace, where i moved as well to be his hospice service, and jack-of-all-trades, as well as to help with the childcare as my little brother and sister also went along begrudgingly, only to move back after the school year. His health seemed to improve while there, until his wife, the new baby, and her 90 year old Cuban housekeeper came to visit. the first day there, they express-shipped a whopping bucket of mexican spice (first ingredient MSG) to make him special food instead of the health food he had been subsiding on while there. I was soon sent back to the mainland, as his wife maintained having me over there was too stressful for him. I had been working with Hawaiian kindergartners with autism to help pay the rent, and had to quit with little notice as i was flown back home. He was unable to sustain a life over there without my help, and soon his health took a turn for the worse, he ran out of money, and had to move back to Portland, to an upstairs apartment. eventually he could not use the stairs, stayed home. Eventually it was decided to dose him on such levels of morphine that his pain would pass and he could die, i was coerced to also apply the lethal dose. At my new job, I received the phone call he had died in his sleep, and i went to go carry him down those stairs to the car that would take him to be cremated. My little brother took it the hardest, we all did. Much of the family property went to his wife and her cuban boyfriend, who lived happily ever after. i miss ya dad! i love ya!

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Apr 30, 2014
Lane student 2001
by: Kat

I also went to Lane Middle School and knew Mr. Weed. He was a great person. It's very sad to read this post especially since I know who your talking about and what the did. I'm glad he's in a better place and I'm very sorry for your loss.

May 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

I went to Lane where he was a Gym teacher (I think his title)- he was a good man, Always made everyone smile!! I remember he use to give out little coupon cards to a restaurant I believe in sellwood.. If I remember right it was a family buisness? Its been about 12 years since I was in his 6th grade gym class.. Over the years I would occasionally check in with him, Then life started to happen and I wasnt as good with touching base-Went to his facebook one day, to find out he passed, Totally taken me by suprise.. I was clueless, Didnt know he was sick or had cancer. I could see thats not something someone would want to talk about.. I still thinking about it from time to time.. Im glad hes no longer in pain!

Mar 29, 2013
To David Weed: his dad was my friend
by: Carol

Your story hit me very hard.I'd just found out your dad,my good friend & co-songwriter,died 2 yrs. ago.You did everything you could. I'm thankful he had you to care for him.I left Portland in '96 & relocated to Chicago.I met you in '95 & again years later at San Felipe.Gregg had referred me to Chicago musician Dennis Gordon,who I discovered died in '07.I bought their excellent 1982 LP online. My husband put my Gregg cassette tapes on CD. You're on one of them. If you'd like, I could mail you a CD. Take care. carolsymr@yahoo.com

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