father of three

my dad died this year April the first he was Just 41 years old. My dad was being held in jail in remand for a month he was about to get out in two weeks time. Me and my younger sister went to visit him in jail we were very excited to see him, my sister is 19 I'm 21 we also have a brother 20. The visit was brief because he got called back to go apply for bail. In that time he had told us that everything is fine just boring! he also mentioned his cell mate was trying to kill himself and he had stopped him. A few days later on Monday the 1st April 2013 the Easter long weekend i called the jail to organize another visit. About a hour later me and my fiance noticed two police officer at our door they were asking for me, i let them in, they then informed me my dad has passed away, she kept talking but i was in shock and interrupted her and said no u have made a mistake she ensured me there was no mistake and she was sorry. I then got extremely angry at her and demanded to know where the guards were and how this happened, she had no answers for me, then i started to cry my fiance comforted me. I was still in shock it didn't hit me for a long time i kept saying i have to go tell my sister and brother now im sorry i need to go. Telling them was one of the hardest things iv had to do, it wasn't easy but i knew now being the eldest i was responsible for my younger siblings. It was on the news 'possible double suicide or murder suicide' i knew he would never ever kill himself i knew it! later on i found out his cell mate had killed my dad while he slept by ligature strangulation then killed himself. Every day is a struggle all we can do is try to live our lives.

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Jul 30, 2013
thank you
by: daughter

thank you for your thoughtfull comments it feels nice to express pain

Jul 27, 2013
father of three
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your dad to a sudden death. This is such a tragedy. An unjust situation. The prison should know which prisoners are dangerous and not have put your father with such a one.
Your father was so young and had his whole life ahead of him.
If any of you are struggling with your grief go and see a grief counsellor because of the type of death your father died. It will affect your grief because it will throw up so many questions and anger and you need to work through this. You will get your life back but it will take a long time. Stay close as siblings and look out for each other. Especially your brother because young men tend to store up pain and grief and this will not help him. I wish you all support and strength to go on in life and May God comfort you all in your grief.

Jul 26, 2013
May God see you through
by: Judith in California

What a horrible, horrible event. I feel so sad for you and your family. There is no way the guards could have known the mental craziness that was in your father's cellmates head. How tragic!
I pray God will help you gather the strength to deal with this. I'm so sorry.

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