Feels Like Forever

When I was 14, I met this guy, I fell for him on our first conversation, he seemed so caring and understanding, I never thought I could have so much in common with a boy, you see, I always had this feeling that boys were made to hurt us, and after I met him, he changed my opinion. We would talk all day, and see each other almost every weekend (He didn't go to my school). After three months, he admitted he had feelings for me and so did I. We were together for 6 months and then one day, he just broke up with me. For no reason whatsoever, we were having a normal conversation and it just happened. He showed no sign of sadness or depression during our relationship and I don't know what made him do it. I am now 16 years old and I still grief about loosing him. What makes it even harder is the fact that he admits to nearly all of his friends that he still loves me, and wants me in his life, yet doesn't have the courage to do something about it. I have been waiting two years for him, talking to him everyday, yet he still doesn't do it. I still feel like i'm not over him, yet I should be, he has charmed me in a way nobody can ever understand, and no matter how many people I talk to about it, nobody seems to get the point, all I hear is, it's been two years, get over yourself, you're still young, but I just can't, it's literally impossible for me to do so. Especially the fact that every time I finally think i'm over him, he comes back.

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Oct 16, 2013
Feels Like Forever
by: Doreen UK

This boy may have been your first love and you may be his first love and both of you are trying to find yourselves within the context of a loving relationship. However this boy may feel that if he doesn't explore other relationships he may not be MAN enough. This may just be a thought not expressed in action. Some boys feel it is unnatural to hang their hearts on the first girl that comes along. Because boys are well known to "Play the field". Perhaps friends of this boy are taunting him and he is confused? You won't know if you don't ask. CONFRONT HIM! Ask him what his intentions are? If you don't feel so bold to do this then another option is "Play hard to get" you then pull away from him, and change your focus so you can survive the pain of not being in relationship. This way you may flush out his true feelings if you are not in contact with each other. The problem with young early relationships are that they are not mature enough to stay the course and could change as one matures. So many different things can cause a relationship to change over time. Some people can even imagine what it will be like to be with another person. This can happen and change the nature of the relationship. When I was young I would have felt the same way as you. I am of an age where I would be mature enough to either CONFRONT this boy OR walk away. I would not want to be disrespected by hearing from other people what is going on with this boy. Information passed down is never reliable and can become distorted by the time you receive this. Either way you may become closer and any break up will hurt so bad. If you don't want to be hurt then hold your relationship loosely. By not becoming so close that any break up would devastate you. THIS IS STILL HARD TO DO. But as we older generation know. LOVE HURTS. as does DEATH when we lose the one we love. I hope you can in time CONFRONT this boy you like and let him know that you like him and that you would like to be in relationship with him. Then ask him how he feels. Also let him know that you don't want him discussing your relationship with anyone else otherwise this breech of confidentiality would cause you to distance yourself from him or even break up. Guard well your relationships and don't accept any intrusions. this way you will give any relationship what it deserves. RESPECT.

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